MDL Wins $1,067,000 for Truck Driver Suffering from Fibromyalgia After Accident

In 1990 an Arkansas truck driver was involved in an accident with two other trucks on a New Jersey highway. The driver, a woman, sustained injuries that led to a permanent, debilitating condition known as Fibromyalgia. The condition did not appear in x-rays or other medical scans.

The insurance company made every effort to have the claimant dismissed as a malingerer and phony. The insurance company offered $15,000 at arbitration.

Attorneys Maggiano and DiGirolamo would have none of it, as they heard the ring of truth in the woman’s voice as she spoke of her changed life. Having intensively researched the medical literature, they insisted on taking the matter to trial. They presented a thorough and reasoned case, with a series of well prepared medical experts, to the court and jury.

The result? A jury verdict in excess of $1 million.