$3,350,000 for burn injury victims of fuel-fed car fire

In 2000, a 23-year-old woman and her young daughter were rear-seat passengers in a 1980 sedan rear-ended by a drunk driver. The car accident and the subsequent fuel-fed fire from the gas tank left both victims severely burned. Lawyers handling the case were stymied by the stonewalling tactics of the car manufacturer. Michael Maggiano was called in as part of a team to represent the burn victims.

The car manufacturer blamed the care fire on the impact speed of the drunk driver.

Maggiano, through computer-based research as well as legal contacts throughout the country, obtained records from Congressional Hearings held in the mid 1970’s probing the causes of fuel-fed fires, which showed the vehicle’s gas tank location was known to burn on rear-end impact. Despite design changes by the manufacturer in response to the investigation, it reverted to relocating the tank in a dangerous location – aft of the rear axle – making it very susceptible to perforation on impact.

This was the key discovery that greatly impacted the strength of the case and was only found because attorney Maggiano was willing to dig deeper in his research.

As Maggiano prepared to reveal his evidence in a jury trial, the manufacturer entered in to a substantial settlement under a confidentiality agreement. As a result of this settlement, mother and child will be fully provided for during the balance of their lives.