What a monday for the commuters onboard the Pinehill Trailways Bus in Ramsey, NJ which originated in Kingston and was headed to Manhattan, when a car tire smashes into the bus windshield. The bus driver was stuck by the tire, another in critical condition and two more passengers onboard had minor injuries.

Image provided by www.northjersey.com NO. 1 in Breaking Local News

The statement given by Ramsey Police Chief Bryan Gurney “…the bus had its windshield shattered by the tire about 7:35 a.m. The Rosendale man, a 49-year-old whose name was not provided, was sitting directly behind the bus driver and suffered a severe head injury when the tire struck him”

The man was taken by helicopter to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, N.J. in critical condition. The driver and two other injured passengers were taken by ambulance to near by hospitals.

According to Chief Gurney a 2009 Lexus owned by a women from Oakland, NJ was heading north on Route 17 when she lost her front tire, the tire bounce over the center divider and struck the windshield of the bus. The diver of the bus although injured himself was able maneuver the bus to the side of the road before calling 911. No other vehicles were involved.

In a bus accident, passengers can be harmed through the sudden impact of a collision, such as thrown to the floor, against seats, windows or another person. The lack of seat belts on some of the commuter buses increases the chances a passenger will sustain injuries in a bus accident.

A passenger can suffer injuries that were caused by negligence from the bus driver, the bus company, or another driver. In the case like this one where a tire snaps off another case and smashes in the bus windshield can be a result of improper prior maintenance done on the Lexus tires.

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