In 2015, OSHA made it a requirement for employers to report severe injuries in the workplace. The results are in and, since 2015, an average of seven amputations happen in the workplace per day. More than 90% of these astounding injuries include amputations of fingers, hands, toes, feet, and more. Another report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has shown that there were 10,388 severe injuries caused by workplace conditions in 2015, and many of these accidents are vastly preventable. The exact number of amputations from 2015 remains at 2,644 and this number are too high.

Preventing Amputations in the Workplace 

Employers must keep legally mandated rules and regulations in place to prevent amputations in the workplace. Here are some useful tips they must keep in mind:

  • Turn off and lock out power sources so that machines stay de-energized when they are being serviced to prevent amputation.
  • Prevent contact in machines by installing machine guards. Use other engineering means to prevent hands and other body parts from coming into contact with dangerous parts.
  • Always ensure that workers are trained in safe use and maintenance when involved with hazardous equipment.

Many of the accidents that stem from machinery and equipment will lead to permanent disability. In amputation cases, you may be left without the means to work and make the wages you were making before your accident prevented you from doing so. Because amputations will typically happen due to workplace failures, it is important for employers and employees to work together to prevent them at any cost. Call us today if you have been injured in a workplace accident and need our help. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, we care about you and your case.