With offices in New Jersey and New York, we see many different cases of accidents in the construction industry. Some of these accidents cause serious injuries that impact a worker’s life for the rest of time, others are minor, and some are even fatality-causing. We are here for you no matter what type of construction accident you have sustained on the job.

Recent Construction Accidents

Recently, a worker was critically injured when machinery fell and trapped them in the construction workplace. This happened last week, which was a day after two workers were killed in separate accidents at construction sites in New York City. It is unclear of exactly how the accident occurred, but it involved a Bobcat machine falling on top of the worker and pinning him underneath with injuries. Firefighters rescued the man, which took 30 minutes. The company is being issued violations for the accident. On behalf of the recent accidents, the Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peter said, “There’s been a disturbing number of construction fatalities in the last several years” and says that heavy fines and criminal charges will take place for violators.

In another accident this past week, a woman who was passing through a construction zone was injured. The pedestrian woman fell into a construction hole when workers were doing gas line work. They had the holes barricaded, but the woman somehow got within the realm of the barricade and fell. Luckily, the woman was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Dangers of Construction Zones 

There are many risk factors in the construction industry, where the likelihood of accidents and injuries is pretty high. Many of these accidents happen due to carelessness, such as the popular falling from heights, crane accidents, run-overs by equipment, equipment failure, electric shock, and so much more. Construction workers themselves as well as pedestrians are at risk and you may find that large companies or contractors are liable for your injuries.

We have experience in construction cases in New Jersey and New York and wish to speak to you about your claim. If you have been injured and you don’t know how you will receive compensation from a large company or another worker, we have answers for you. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi for more information.