Sports can be fun when special precautions are taken to avoid injury; however, if injury is sustained, it can be both serious and even sometimes fatal. A sport injury is any type of injury that happens to someone during a sporting event. There are two types of sports injuries, which include traumatic impact such as a blow or strike, and those caused by overuse of a particular body part. We will be looking into the first type, to which abdominal injuries apply.

What Should All People Know About Abdominal Injuries in Sports?
Abdominal injuries can be not only extremely painful and serious, but sometimes they can be deadly to those who sustain them. They can include things like abdominal strains and internal bleeding. Medical professionals in the stadiums should understand the signs and symptoms, possible risks, and mechanisms of injuries so that they are able to properly treat an athlete. They also need to make a determination of whether “proper treatment” includes holding them out of the game for some time, or transporting them to emergency hospital care. Abdominal injuries are possibly one of the most potentially dangerous injuries in all of sports injury.

In 2008, a boy named Taylor Haugen was playing football for a team known as the Niceville Eagles when he became injured in a sports accident. The sophomore was reaching up to catch a pass when he was pummeled from the front and back, and was unable to play the game as well as he had before. When his mother approached him, she was able to tell that something was very wrong, as he was extremely pale and wincing in pain from the injury. At the time of the injury, the doctor for the team believed the injury was internal.

As his devastated mother watched him being taken away in the ambulance, she didn’t know what to expect. Taylor ended up losing consciousness and unfortunately never regained it. Both parents rushed to see their son before he passed, when surgeons told them that Taylor had suffered a massive liver rupture. He was given 42 units of blood, but wasn’t able to pull through. The surgeons explained that the surgery to the liver was like “trying to sew Jello.”

The Haugen family was devastated, but worked to protect other children who would sustain injuries on the field in the future. They explained that they don’t think it’s a good idea to prevent children from playing sports, but to instead equip them with what they need to prevent the injuries. They made a discovery that there are pros to college athletes wearing padded shirts, specifically one known as the EvoShield shirt. This shirt molds to the player’s body and are made by many popular brands including Nike, Under Armour, EliteTek, and Rawlings.

There are many ways for a sports player to prevent themselves from an injury with the help of their team. EvoShields are just one way out of many. When these accidents are prevented, injuries and fatalities can be prevented along with them.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a sports accident, you should know that there are certainly degrees of risk that come to the participant. The participant should always assume the risk of injury when they agree to play in the sport. However, in some cases, somebody on the team or opposing team may have been especially negligent in their actions, and they could be held liable for the injuries sustained. It may be in your best interest to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney if you have become injured in a sports accident. Call MDL today to speak to an attorney that you can trust and get a consultation,