Owning a dog can be a joy in a household.

A pet owner is responsible for the actions of their pet, including attacks and harm another individual. Not taking the time to train a pet is irresponsible.

It can happen in an instant – a threatened dog feels cornered and uses its sharp claws and teeth to fight is way out of a threatening situation.

This means clamping their vice-like jaws on anything that may be in their way – whether you mean harm or not – whether an adult or child.

Dog attacks can happen in any number of ways, including by a dog you may or may not know. Not all dog bite accidents happen by strange or rabid dogs on the loose. Many times, dog bites occur in the homes of friends and family – even by a dog that has no history of an aggressive nature.

Although most dogs never intend to inflict serious injury on humans, it inevitably happens and for a variety of reasons. A dog bite is most likely to occur in the following situations:

  • A dog who fears for his own safety
  • A dog who is acting to protect his owner’s safety
  • A dog who feels threatened and sees no alternative
  • A dog who is trying to establish dominance over another dog or an individual

According to the law, the dog owner is legally responsible for his or her dog’s actions. Most claims are made against the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you are involved in a dog bite incident, you should know your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, psychological counseling, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and/or disfigurement. The personal injury attorneys at Maggiano, Digirolamo & Lizzi are voted among the best law firms in the nation, schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation, Once they meet with you, they will be able to tell you whether you have a case to pursue that could result in financial recovery.

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