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Michael Maggiano, ESQ

Michael Maggiano New Jersey's Top Personal Injury LawyerMichael Maggiano, a founder and senior partner of Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, has specialized in all areas of motor vehicle collisions from auto to trucking and bus accidents as well as train wrecks for over 35 years now! He has worked as part of the trial team in the largest construction accident case in New Jersey and perhaps U.S. history. He was counsel in the In re Amtrak Train Disaster of 2015. He has handled high profile cases around the country in all areas from inadequate motel and hotel security cases, to mishandling of bodies and medical malpractice, achieving seven and eight figure recoveries routinely. He was awarded the New Jersey Association for Justice Gold Medal Award. Received the Professor Clapp Lecturer Laureate by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal education. Received the “Mel” Award for achievements in Civil Litigation by the Melvin M. Belli Society.Received a Life Time Achievement Award from Chicago Kent College of Law as one of the most highly recognized alumni in its one hundred and twenty five year history. He has been called in as lead trial counsel by many lawyers around the country as he is known to be able to try any type of personal injury successfully and has the documented track record to prove it. He is widely acknowledged by his peers as one of the top trial lawyers in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. He has tried cases throughout this area as well as various other states of the United States.

Maggiano is licensed to practice law before all State and Federal Courts in New Jersey and New York. He is also licensed to practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States Certified as a civil trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Maggiano’s education includes a Juris Doctor with Honors in 1974 from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law with a class rank of 17 in a class of 160. He also went on to graduate from Fairleigh Dickenson University with a Bachelor of Science Economics in 1970.

As far as public appearances go, Maggiano has spoken at dozens of conventions and seminars around the country on legal topics and continues to do so actively. His topics range from the intricacies of legal techniques and strategies to specialized medical situations. He has appeared on both local and national television on various topics in the law. His cases and trials have been reported both in the general media and legal reporting journals. He has also had dozens of his articles published about winning for the injured in leading legal journals.

Maggiano is also a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and an Advocate Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. He is a past President of the New Jersey Association for Justice and the Melvin M. Belli Society, which is a highly select society of trial lawyers and barristers with notable members throughout the world.

What Others Have to Say

Rival attorneys speak on behalf of Maggiano and say that he consistently displays a depth of knowledge and understanding of medical and complex legal issues that make him an effective force in any courtroom. Known for his thoroughness and exacting approach, Maggiano has achieved a string of seven and eight-figure verdicts and settlements for clients, some of them survivors of those who had given their lives for someone’s negligence.


Maggiano was a 2004 recipient of the Trial Bar Award. He is also the 2013 recipient of the New Jersey Bar Foundation Award for Excellence in Continuing Legal EducationBergen's top lawyer MM as a result of the many legal educational programs he has presented to trial lawyers over decades. He has also been honored by Chicago Kent College of Law as one of its 125 Alumni of Distinction in its 125-year history. He was honored by the New Jersey Association for Justice with its Gold Medal, its highest award for services of great distinction to the trial bar. He has testified before the New Jersey Senate and Assembly on legal issues impacting the rights of citizens.

In June 2015, (201) Magazine published an article in their magazine that featured a segment known as Bergen’s Top Lawyers, a peer-review survey focusing on some of the greatest lawyers in all of Bergen County. Michael Maggiano was presented with the Bergen’s Top Lawyer Award. Attorneys in Bergen were contacted and asked whom they would recommend in the country and in the given area of law. The survey was conducted by Professional Research Services (PRS) of Royal Oak, Michigan. After all attorneys were contacted by PRS, an online ballot was constructed and each attorney was invited to recommend up to three colleagues in each given legal specialty. After nominations were complete, each nominee was carefully evaluated on the basis of the survey results. Things taken into consideration were legitimacy of their practicing license and their current standing with the State Bar Association of New Jersey. In the area of Personal Injury lawyers, Michael Maggiano was chosen as a winner for recognition! Maggiano commented on the recognition:

“This is quite an honor for me. The fact that (201) Magazine included me in its selection of Bergen’s Top Lawyers signals that my constant effort to deliver excellent work has paid off. It is gratifying to be recognized in this way.”

Maggiano also received an award known as the Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award,which is given due to client reviews. Avvo ratings, although they do not evaluate a lawyer’s

knowledge of the law, past performance on cases, personality, or communication skills, speak to a lawyer’s background as seen by clients. Despite the fact that Avvo ratings cannot evaluate these specific background elements, client reviews, and peer endorsements do so. Continued dedication, experience, and excellence as a lawyer reflect in Michael Maggiano’s Avvo Client Choice Award. His specific award was presented to him with an outstanding rating of 10.0. He was presented with a Clients’ Choice Choice Badge and the award was given specifically for his outstanding focus in Personal Injury.

Maggiano has also been selected to the 2016 Super Lawyers New Jersey Top 100 List and 2016 Super Lawyers Top 10 List. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process consists of independent research, peer nominations, and peer evaluations. Basically, this list consists of only the best of the best attorneys in New Jersey, and Maggiano was secured as one of the selected! Along with being a super lawyer, Maggiano was featured in an article in April’s 2015 Super Lawyers Magazine known as “The Detail Man” by Matt Amis. He was quoted as being able to “drill down and connect dots.” He also stated, “There are no lions in the courtroom, without there first being the drudge in the library,” he says. “I have the patience to take the time, to drill down, to learn the methodology of the area of science or medicine very well. And then connect the dots.”

Maggiano is a sought-after lecturer and speaker to bar groups on Trial Diplomacy and Trial Evidence. Martindale-Hubbell, the oldest and most respected lawyer rating company in the country, has consistently given its highest ratings in ability and ethics to Michael Maggiano. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America for 14 years in a row. The firm of Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, have garnered a Tier 1 Rating by U.S. News and Newsweek as one of the top personal injury firms in New Jersey. Fitted with the latest in technology for trial work in the internet/digital age and the capability of handling civil trial work throughout the United States, MDL is frequently contacted by other lawyers and firms to take over the handling of complex litigation and trials. Once they take on a case, they will prepare it to the hilt.

Michael Maggiano is not only a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, but also by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. This is a highly sought-after title by lawyers because few are. This is an extremely special opportunity because a National Board Certified Attorney has consistently demonstrated skill and expertise in their field and has proven their skill through rigorous testing by the NBTA. Many lawyers specialize in a specific type of law based on their reputation, but Maggiano is one of the few who has been certified in his field, which shows a dedication toward his job and your case.

There are many professions where the body of knowledge is so large that it is impossible to know everything about a certain topic. The same can be said about the body of law, where many complex topics have been introduced in the workplace. Being NBTA certified proves that there is truth in what you advertise. Michael Maggiano specializes in personal injury cases and promises you the utmost of care and time in your case.

Awards & Recognitions Continued

  • Fellow American College of Trial Lawyers: Membership is received by nomination and election is reserved to only the top 1% of trial lawyers in the country.
  • Civil Trial Attorney: Maggiano is one of only 1,450 certified as a Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. An attorney of the State of New Jersey may be certified as a civil trial attorney, a criminal trial attorney, a matrimonial law attorney, a workers’ compensation law attorney, or a municipal court trial attorney, or in more than one designated area of practice, but only on establishing eligibility and satisfying requirements regarding education, experience, knowledge, and skill for each designated area of practice.
  • Best Lawyers in America: For well over a decade, he has been named as one of the Best Lawyers in America by an annual national poll of his peers. Best Lawyers works as a way to link lawyers and clients worldwide and Maggiano just so happens to have been listed since 2006 with the service.
  • Maggiano was named for one of New York Monthly Magazine’s Best Lawyers in the New York Area and one of New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s Top 100 Lawyers in New Jersey.
  • Top Personal Injury Trial Lawyers in the New York/New Jersey Metro Area: He was listed by U.S. News and World Reports, Newsweek, New York Magazine, and New Jersey Monthly.
  • Recipient of the Trial Bar Award from the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey.
  • Preeminent Lawyers in America by Martindale-Hubbell.
  • Million Dollar Forum: Maggiano is a member of the Million Dollar Forum, which has a membership limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.
  • Top Trial Lawyers in Personal Injury Litigation: He was named in a poll published by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, in which he was named as one of New Jersey’s Super Lawyers.
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy in New Jersey: He is one of only 50 attorneys certified.
  • Martindale-Hubbell: He holds the highest rating as an attorney (AV) from the oldest nationally recognized legal reference company in the country. This rating signifies that the lawyer has reached the heights of professional excellence and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity by the bench and bar.
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America in New Jersey: He served as President.
  • He was named one of the 10 Leaders in Personal Injury Litigation and one of the 10 Leaders in Civil Litigation in Northern New Jersey
  • Chicago-Kent College of Law: He was honored as one of its outstanding Alumni in its 125th year Gala in Chicago in November 2013.
  • Alfred C. Clapp Award for Excellence in Continuing Legal Education: He was a recipient of this coveted award for providing hundreds of legal educational programs attended by thousands of lawyers over the past three decades.
  • New Jersey Association for Justice Gold Medal: He was a recipient for his distinguished service to the association, and the advancement of justice through teaching trial skills to thousands of lawyers and for the cutting edge litigation he has participated in as lead counsel in New Jersey and around the country.

Case Results

Maggiano and partner, Christopher DiGirolamo were co-counsel with the Plaintiffs’ Trial Team in the In Re Tropicana Garage Collapse Litigation that brought a $101,000,000.00 recovery to the workers and families of workers injured and killed in one of the nation’s largest construction disasters. Other case results include…

$10,000,000 • Motor Vehicle Accident …To a government worker on assignment in South Africa who was thrown from the vehicle he was riding as a passenger and alleged to have not been wearing his seatbelt which resulted in severe brain injury causing significant disability in the use of his legs and hands as well as visual impairment. We were able to argue that use of a seatbelt in the facts of this case would have resulted in similarly severe if not worse injuries and perhaps death.

$7,000,000 • Motor Vehicle Crash …To a 23 year old alleged to have been running across a four lane highway in the middle of a block and against a green light when struck by an oncoming motorist. She suffered brain injury resulting in severe cognitive and motor impairment and a speech defect, leaving her totally disabled and dependent on caregivers.

$6,200,000 • Motor Vehicle Crash …To a commercial truck driver who was struck by another truck driver while pulled off on the side of the road, resulting in disabling brain injury.

$5,500,000Inadequate Security …Gun shot wounds to the abdomen and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to a room invasion in a motel

$4,500,000Personal Injury …Closed Head Injury and PTSD in train wreck.

$3,350,000Burn Injury …To a young woman who in 2000 suffered severe burn injuries when the car she was riding in ignited in flames following a rear end impact caused by a drunk driver. Learn more about how MDL handled this case.

$2,500,000Motor Vehicle Crash …For a 23-year old waitress who was when riding as a back seat passenger of a drunken driver. She suffered injuries when her host driver crashed into the rear of a stopped tractor trailer parked on an approach ramp to a bridge due to a flat tire.

$2,500,000Motor Vehicle Crash …To a middle-aged tax preparer injured when a New Jersey Transit Bus struck his car in the rear after exiting the Lincoln Tunnel requiring two back surgeries following diagnose of aggravation of pre-existing stenosis and a herniated disc leaving him permanently disabled from his career and in need of Life Care Plan.

$1,900,000Motor Vehicle Crash …Closed Head Injury in a car rollover.

$1,700,000Motor Vehicle Crash …For a 50-year old housewife injured when her car was hit in the rear while stopped a traffic light.

$1,170,000Motor Vehicle Crash …For an elderly couple suffering multiple injuries in an auto accident and aggravated by injuries suffered a few months later in a subsequent auto accident.

$1,061,392Motor Vehicle Crash …To a 42-year old truck operator and auto mechanic who suffered ulnar neuropathy, bulging lumbar disc, torn meniscus right knee and post traumatic stress disorder when he was struck by a tow truck backing up during a job thereby ending his two occupational careers.

$1,061,392Motor Vehicle Crash …To a 42-year old truck operator and auto mechanic who suffered ulnar neuropathy, bulging lumbar disc, torn meniscus right knee and post traumatic stress disorder when he was struck by a tow truck backing up during a job thereby ending his two occupational careers.

$10,000,000Medical Negligence …To a middle aged widow suffering spastic quadriplegia, partial blindness and brain injury as a result of the failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism following a knee replacement procedure. To read more about this case click here.

$3,350,000Medical Negligence …To an automobile accident victim whose brain injury was undiagnosed by the emergency room physician. Subsequent emergency surgery failed to prevent significant brain damage which required prolonged rehabilitation and cognitive therapy, and requires the assistance of a walker.

$2,900,000Medical Negligence …To a diabetic male who suffered significant visual impairment following pancreas transplant surgery. Maggiano argued that the surgery carried substantial risks and was not necessary as the patient would have been served well with an insulin pump and avoided the risks and injury suffered.

$2,000,000Medical Negligence …To a young man who in his senior year of high school football, after undergoing a surgical rod repair of a displaced tibia/fibular fracture, was the victim of medical negligence by the late diagnosis of a known complication of the surgery known as compartment syndrome, resulting in the loss of all tendons and muscle of his calf as well as osteomyelitis.

$1,500,000Medical Negligence …To a gastric bypass patient who suffered serious complications of a gastric leak which was not timely diagnosed.

$1,500,000Medical Negligence …To the three surviving adult children of a high school vice principal who suffered a late diagnosis of an Abdominal Aortic Dissection which caused the patient to code on administration of anesthesia during emergency surgery once the diagnosis was finally made, which left him with a severe anoxia causing substantial brain injury and eventual death.

$900,000Medical Negligence …To two children of a 35 year old woman who suffered cardiac arrest under anesthesia due to failure to diagnose congestive heart failure by her treating physicians and the anesthesiologist, all of whom cleared her for gall stone surgery despite signs pointing to an underlying heart condition.

$1.5 MillionMedical Malpractice …To an 85 year old widower for the loss of his 65 year old wife due to severe injury of the popliteal artery and vein of the leg during left total knee replacement surgery causing massive loss of blood resulting in shock, liver and acute renal failure with resultant metabolic acidosis.

$850,000 • Medical Negligence …To a 54 year old salesman for foot disability due to unnecessary tarsal tunnel surgery by the podiatrist.

$600,000 • Medical Negligence …To middle aged single woman who suffered dislodgement of dentures into throat during an oral medical procedure where medical and nursing failed to remove partial removable denture and not releasing denture was dislodged during the procedure.

$600,000 • Medical Negligence …To a man suffering severe aggravation of Tourette’s syndrome and nerve damage when a nurse negligently injected demerol into his radial nerve rather than his deltoid muscle following surgery.

$500,000 • Medical Malpractice …To young man who while unconscious following pilonidal cyst surgery was caused to fall from operating table while unconscious, suffering tears of his labrum resulting in termination of his high school sports.

$500,000 • Medical Negligence …To the mother and father of an adult female daughter who died following a plane flight of a pulmonary embolism from taking of birth control pills prescribed even though her chart was red flagged against birth control pills. We contended that this needless death, this loss of a young life was a family loss and the result of system errors brought about by failures in the system of the defendant medical practice due to simple management carelessness. This was a serious preventable adverse event.

$3,200,000 • Construction Accident …To a 35 year old iron worker who fell from a steel frame building under construction due to the failure of the general contractor to provide a safe workplace which included supervision for the use of safety equipment and guide wires.

$2,600,000 • Construction Accident …To widow and child of a deceased dock builder injured during a pile driving operation. Defendant Developer and General Contractor placed blame on employer of deceased worker who could not be sued because of the Worker Compensation Statute that says you can not sue your employer. We proved that even though the employer was negligence, the Developer and GC had to primary duty of safety on the job site to protect all workers from the cost cutting unsafe practices of their employers.

$800,000 • Workplace Safety …To an electrician who suffered flash burns when he plugged in a meter to read the electric usage of a shopping mall tenant.

Professional Organizations and Activities

  • American College of Trial Lawyers – Fellow
  • New Jersey Association for Justice – Past President
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Leadership Forum
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America – New Jersey, member
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America – Political Action Committee (Past Treasurer for the New Jersey Affiliate)
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy Division of the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification-
  • American Board of Trial Advocates, Advocate Member
  • Trial Attorneys of New Jersey, Member
  • Justice Foundation,Champion Member
  • American Bar Association, Member
  • New Jersey State Bar Association, Member
  • Bergen County Bar Association, Member
  • Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, Member
  • The Melvin Belli Society: Vice President 2004-2005, President 2005-2006
  • Master, Justice Brennan Inn of Court, Hudson County, New Jersey
  • Master, Justice Morris Pashman Inn of Court, Bergen County, New Jersey
  • Master, Chief Justice Arthur T. Vanderbilt, Inn of Court, Essex County, National Inns of Court Project, January 1991 to 1998 Speaking, Lecturing, and Writing
  • Taos Injury Lawyers, Member

Selected Civic Activities

  • Active in UNICO National (Italian American Service Organization), Cliffside Park Chapter, including Past Cliffside Park Chapter Vice President, Past Cliffside Park Chapter Scholarship Chairman, Member of the Scholarship Committee, Member of the Anti-Defamation Committee, Member of the Legal Issues Committee, and Past Chairman of the National Scholarship Committee
  • Columbus Citizens Foundation, Member
  • Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • United Homeowners of Fort Lee, Member
  • Councilman, Borough of Fort Lee 1989-1991
  • State Commissioner, New Jersey Public Broadcasting (appointed by Governor McGreevey with the consent of the Senate, November 2004)
  • Board of Directors: The Hemodialysis Foundation of New Jersey
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