Before an Injury Occurs

Posting Notice

New Jersey law requires every employer to post and maintain, in a conspicuous place or places in and about the worksite, a form prescribed by the Commissioner of the Department of Banking and Insurance, stating that the employer has secured workers’ compensation insurance coverage or has qualified with the Department of Banking and Insurance as a self-insured employer.

For insured employers, the notice must include the name of the insurance carrier and other items as required by the Department of Banking and Insurance. To obtain copies of this notice, employers should contact their insurer.

Establish Clear Procedures for Employees and Managers

At the time of hire and periodically thereafter, employees should be provided the following information:

  • An explanation of their workers’ compensation coverage and benefits
  • How, when, and to whom to report an injury
  • Where to go for medical treatment if injured while working
  • The Division of Workers’ Compensation has a general brochure on workers’ compensation available for injured workers, called “A Worker’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation.”