There are many situations where you may actually be held liable for another person’s driving if an accident occurs. When a car accident takes place, it is of utmost importance to determine who is actually at-fault for the accident. The law may even be able to determine fault in somebody who was not driving or even present in the car at the time the accident happened. What are some of these situations?

Situations of Fault 

Employee Driver: If an employee is driving an employer’s vehicle and commits a wrongful act during work hours, the employer could be held liable. For instance, if the employee runs a red light, then the employer could be held responsible for covering the damages in the accident. 

Letting Someone Else Drive: If somebody else is using your car, then you as the car owner will be legally responsible for negligent driving by the other person. Once you give permission to a driver, you are on the hook when it comes to their driving actions.

Kids Driving Your Car: Parents are typically liable for their child’s negligent driving when they are using the family car. This can be done through negligent entrustment and the family purpose doctrine, which is when someone purchases and maintains a car for general family use and becomes liable for negligent actions. 

Incompetent or Unfit Driver: Lending your vehicle to an incompetent or reckless driver can hold you liable for injuries in an accident as well. This could include lending your car to an intoxicated driver, an underage driver, or an elderly driver. If you have found yourself in any of these situations, call us today for help with your case.