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Bergen County Personal Injury Attorneys

Bergen County Personal Injury Attorneys

Bergen County Personal Injury Attorneys

Knowing the facts about personal injury cases can be helpful to managing expectations while setting a potential claim up for a favorable outcome. When you need the facts about your potential case and how to set it up for success, it is time to contact the experienced Bergen County personal injury lawyers at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, P.C.

Courageous, diligent and experienced, we are ready to protect and advocate your rights as we guide you to justice and compensation.

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The information you receive during a consultation can help you take the right steps to protect and advance your claim. Weekend and evening consultations are available.

While you can get more insights during a case evaluation, below are some generally crucial and lesser-known facts about personal injury cases.

6 Important & Little-Known Facts about Personal Injury Cases

  1. The actions you do or don’t take after filing your case can impact its outcome – In other words, the events of the accident are NOT the only factors that can influence the strength and success of your claim. Actions or inactions like the following may also yield evidence that can affect whether your claim results in compensation and, in some cases, the amount of compensation obtained:
    • Actions like posting details of the accident to social media or providing recorded statements to insurers may detract from the strength of a plaintiff’s case. Conversely, actions like complying with all doctors’ orders and consulting a lawyer can help preserve the strength of a claim.
    • Inaction like failing to see a doctor or failing report an accident to an insurance company can also have negative impacts on a case. In contrast, a lack of action with regards to admitting fault or apologizing for an accident can be helpful to protecting a claim.
  2. A well-written demand letter may be sufficient to resolve a claim – Commonly sent before a lawsuit is officially filed, demand letters outline the details of a case and make some formal request for resolving the dispute. They can also explain that a lawsuit will be filed if the request is not met. When issues of negligence, liability and damages are fairly clear cut, a properly written demand letter can spark efficient, favorable resolutions to some personal injury cases.
  3. Most personal injury cases are resolved out of court – The vast majority of personal injury claims are not tried in a courtroom but are, instead, resolved outside the courtroom via negotiation, mediation, etc. This is often beneficial to both plaintiffs and defendants, as it can provide for faster resolutions and save litigation costs.At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, P.C., we are always focused on achieving successful outcomes that meet our clients’ needs and goals. While that often means we strive to resolve cases outside of court, our experienced trial attorneys are always ready to try a case in court when that best serves our clients and their claims.
  4.  A jury verdict may NOT be the end of a claim – When a case ends with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, the defendant may file an appeal, prolonging a case. When that happens, there is a risk that an appellate court may overturn the lower court’s verdict. Additionally, even if no appeal is filed, there can be challenges in getting the awarded compensation (like when a defendant may be insolvent or may flat-out disregard the judgment).As a result, this fact underscores the importance of having an experienced attorney in your corner for all phases of a personal injury case, including through a jury verdict and the payment of compensation.
  5. Medical liens may be paid from an award before the victim receives it – When injured parties are unable to pay for medical bills associated with their accident and injuries, providers (like doctors and hospitals) may file medical liens against the pending claim and the potential recovery.If the liens are not resolved before compensation is awarded and received, those liens can be paid out of the settlement or award before the plaintiff receives it. In the event of extensive medical costs, that may leave little to nothing for the victorious plaintiff. Again, an experienced lawyer can take care of this aspect of a claim to help injured people retain as much of their recovery as possible.
  6. It can be wise to plan for how a personal injury award will be handled – Specifically, setting up a trust to hold the settlement or award from a claim can be a smart way to maintain eligibility for need-based government benefits (like Social Security Disability and Supplement Security Income). This is due to the fact that assets held by a trust will not be counted as income or assets of the plaintiff (or beneficiary).

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About Bergen County

Located in the northeast corner of New Jersey, Bergen County is home to more than 939,000 people, making it the state’s most populous county. Bergen County, which is part of the Gateway Region, is bordered by the Hudson River and sits directly across from Manhattan, connected to it via the George Washington Bridge.

Encompassing 70 municipalities, Bergen County is comprised of unique, diverse communities, as well as picturesque views, an extensive park system and various historical monuments and noteworthy landmarks. Some major points of interest in Bergen County include the New Jersey Naval Museum, the Aviation Hall of Fame, the Meadowlands Racetrack, the Steuben House and Palisades Interstate Park.

Some fun facts about Bergen County:

  • It was one of the first four counties established in the state.
  • It is the 4th wealthiest county in New Jersey and one of the wealthiest counties in the nation (based on per capita income).
  • Its name, a subject of debate, is commonly thought to have been derived from the Dutch and mean “place of safety.”