Chasing New Jersey Features Harrah’s Assault Case Against Rob Coney

Rob Coney is the latest victim of Harrah’s Casino & Resort security personnel. The altercation involved violent and traumatic encounters with security.

The security officers pushed Coney, screamed in his face, and brandished their batons as they walked behind him to the exit. Once in the lobby outside of the club, security officers beat Coney with batons and other officers held him in place as he struggled to get away. Coney was punched, kicked, tackled, and beaten on the ground in what the lawsuit calls a “gang-like attack by security personnel.”

Coney was eventually beaten unconscious, put in handcuffs, and unlawfully taken to a holding and detention area—instead of taken to receive medical attention, which was severely needed. Coney was taken to the emergency room, and shortly after he was taken to Atlantic City Municipal Court, where the officers charged with him resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and disorderly conduct. Coney was held in Atlantic County jail until the following evening, when he was released on bail.

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Chasing New Jersey: Surveillance Video Shows Security Using Excessive Force At Harrah’s Casino