construction work hazards and personal injuries

Construction Work Hazards and Personal Injuries

A month ago, OSHA cited a New York contractor due to excavation hazards that were present at a high school construction site. The contractor faced $197,000 in fines after an inspection revealed that workers were in an unprotected, 10-foot-deep excavation. Having protective systems in place are constantly protecting workers from these dangerous sites that can cause many hazards and injuries, and even fatalities in some cases. Kris Hoffman, one of OSHA’s directors, said, “Without needed protections in place, an excavation can quickly become a grave as thousands of pounds of soil collapse upon workers below ground.” They were also cited for not having a competent person inspect the excavation, not having a written permit space program, and not training their employees correctly.

Unfortunately, construction accidents are growing in frequency as employers ignore the very real hazards present. There are many hazards present in a construction workplace, with some of the most common being falling from scaffolds, health hazards due to exposure, and injuries caused by unsafe equipment. Contractors, landowners, and construction managers are always facing lawsuits because they did not take proper care to protect their employees at all costs. However, proving liability in a construction case can sometimes be complicated because there are many factors that must be considered. You must be able to assess who has control over the property before you begin your claim.

How to Receive Help

OSHA regulations are put in place to help you protect your rights and stay free of injury on the job. This is why, if you believe that standards have been violated in the workplace, you should act quickly and report the incident. If you have been injured, there are some steps that you can take to protect your rights. This includes getting medical attention immediately, reporting the injury to your employer, get names and information of witnesses, and preserve all evidence relating to your accident. Lastly, having an attorney on your side through this process always works to your benefit. We have been well-versed in construction laws and can help you every step of the way. Call us today for more information.