having an expert witness in construction cases can help

Having an Expert Witness in Construction Cases Can Help

Construction accidents can be some of the most complicating cases to litigate, when it all boils down to it. This is typically true because of all the elements involved in these cases. There are a variety of people involved such as developers, owners, tenants, and so much more. In some of these most complicated cases when a lawyer becomes involved, your attorney may tell you that an expert witness can help you get the best results in your case – and we will help you understand why.

How an Expert Witness Helps 

There are many risks in construction injury cases. Because of this, sometimes your case requires a professional’s knowledge, to show what kind of dangers were relevant and what information should be shown to the court. An expert witness can give an extensive search through an incident location, documentation, records, and so much more associated with the accident. With evidence and documentation by an expert witness, you can reach an agreement on what happened and how the victim should be compensated.

Giving an Investigation 

After an accident occurs, there should always be an investigation. In many cases, an investigation is the best way to preserve evidence so that an expert witness can be brought in. Reconstruction of the accident scene can then occur, with all parties, information, and equipment still in place to paint a better idea. An expert should be available to determine what exactly went wrong and if it is possible to hold somebody liable for their actions based on the theory of negligence. When an expert isn’t able to determine aspects of a case, critical elements become lost – along with the case.

It is extremely vital for an attorney and expert witness to become involved in a case from the get-go, as early as possible. You never want to lose the most important aspects of your case and be unable to prove negligence later on. We can help you with matters of recovery. Call us at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi if you have been injured in a construction accident and need our help.