How Do Weather Events Impact Roads?

Each year, there are over 5,870,000 vehicle crashes every year, and 23% of these crashes are weather-related. These numbers should truthfully teach drivers that they need to take more care and precautions when they are operating vehicles in bad weather. About 6,250 people are killed in weather-related accidents each year and these numbers are too high. However, these numbers continue to rise as more drivers stay unaware of how they can use special precautions. Now you can find out exactly the impact that weather conditions have on roadways and what to be aware of.

Common Weather Conditions and Problems They Cause

  • Air Temperature and Humidity: Operational impacts such as road treatment strategy and construction planning
  • Wind Speed: Visibility distance, Lane obstruction, traffic speed and travel time, vehicle performance
  • Precipitation: Visibility distance, Pavement friction, Lane obstruction, Roadway capacity, Traffic speed, Vehicle Performance, Driver capabilities, Road treatment strategy
  • Fog: Visibility distance, Driver capabilities, Road treatment strategy, Access control, Speed limit control
  • Pavement Temperature: Infrastructure damage
  • Pavement Condition: Infrastructure damage, Pavement friction, Roadway capacity, Accident risk, Vehicle performance, Traffic signal timing
  • Water Level: Lane submersion, Traffic speed, Accident risk, Access control, Evacuation decision support

Effects You Should Be Aware of

  • Diminished Visibility: When rainstorms and snowstorms take place, falling rain or snow can make it difficult for drivers to see roadways. Drivers should always ensure that they have sufficient windshield solvent to wash dirt and salt from windshields.
  • Diminished Traction: Depending on the weather condition, it could be difficult to stay on a roadway or stop to avoid colliding with another vehicle. You must always adjust your speed out of respect for water, snow, or ice.
  • Strong Wind: Strong or sudden winds can make it difficult for drivers to stay in their lanes. Be wary of snowfall that could obscure the road surface, which could include possible patches of ice.
  • Conduct of Other Drivers: Timid drivers can overestimate the danger of weather conditions and drive at unreasonably low speeds, which can cause traffic back up. Reckless drivers usually ignore the consequences of weather and their high speeds will make it less likely to avoid collisions.
  • Changes in Seasons: It could take specific drivers from out-of-state or other situations to adjust to weather conditions. Always be wary.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?
Always remember to pack for preparation. You should always remember water for long trips, blankets and coats for wintery rides, and more. You should also carry a first-aid kit with you in the car, which could contain many things like bandages, ointment, large towels, and cotton swabs. Bring waterproof clothing with you at all times so that nobody has to wear wet clothing if something were to happen. A charged phone can also come in handy for if an accident or breakdown occurs.

Drive intelligently at all times. This means to use common sense when you are driving in hazardous conditions due to low visibility, fog, or fire. If the visibility is low, you should slow down and possibly remove yourself from the roadway. Turn on your hazards if you have to exit the road and get away from the vehicle if possible so that another motorist doesn’t strike you with you inside.

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Remember safe speed and distance. Slow down and keep a safe distance between yourself and the other drivers around you. Consider whether you would be able to stop or not if there was an accident up ahead of you or if a deer ran out in the roadway. Remember that, when you are driving, you are not competing in a race and are instead trying to enjoy the ride and reach your destination.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to weather conditions, you may have a case. Road accidents occur every year and can lead to very serious injury or even death in certain situations. Speak to an attorney that you can trust. Call Maggiano, DiGirolamo, & Lizzi today for a free consultation.