Indoor Conditions That May Lead to a Slip and Fall Accident

When somebody owns a property and invites others onto the property, they must take responsibility of the premises and keep it as safe as possible for customers. If they do not, then they could be legally responsible for any injuries that happen on their property. Such is the case every year for hundreds of people who slip and fall on properties due to conditions like slippery floors, cracks, and more. We will share with you some of the ways that people slip and fall inside and how a property owner could be found negligent.

Slip and Falls Due to Floor Conditions

Property owners are expected to mop, wax, and polish their floors – especially when customers are involved. However, even though this consists of keeping a floor clean and void of debris, this could cause a slip and fall due to the floors being too slippery. This does not always mean that a property owner will be liable for your injuries. A property owner could be held responsible if they fail to provide adequate warnings and signs of a wet floor, fail to close off areas with wet floors, use an excessive amount of wax, or apply a floor treatment to sloping parts of the floor.

However, slippery floors are not the only danger on a property. Sometimes this also comes from rugs, mats, and carpets. This can happen due to torn, worn or broken pieces of carpet, rugs with curled edges, and items caught in carpet material. Any one of these conditions can cause an unexpected slip and fall.

Stair Conditions 

There are many things that can happen to stairs over time, such as becoming rounded from use and worn to the point of breaking through. If a property owner knew about a dangerous condition but did nothing about it, then they could be held liable for an accident occurring on stairs. Liability could stem when one or more steps are rounded, debris was left on the stairs, the stairs were waxed or polished, or a handrail is missing or broken.

Escalator and Elevator Conditions 

Many people need to use escalators and elevators in their daily lives, but they can also cause accidents and injuries. The operators of these large pieces of equipment are held liable in many cases when it comes to injuries. If there are sudden movements or “jerks” in the machinery, or they are just generally unsafe, liability can occur. This is why it is important to speak to a personal injury attorney about your case. Call us today for more information.