Liability and Damages Appealing to Jurors

Videotape Deposition - Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi

From watching our video, you may have discovered why videotape deposition is one of the most effective deposition techniques in our modern times. This is largely due to the fact that it is made much more appealing to the modern juror, many people from the Generation X that make up the system today. However, you may wonder how these themes relate to liability cases and cases dealing with damages and compensation. Now you can find out more about how that works.

Basic Themes Appealing to the Modern Juror

Many modern jurors believe that, in cases taking place against a defendant, “personal responsibility” and “accountability” play a large role – and they are right, in certain extents. This is because ethics, rules, and morality play a huge role in society today and must be considered in the midst of a very important case where a juror has the responsibility of making a huge decision. Many jurors will consider the following: How was a contract broken? Why is the defendant wrong in this case? How did the wrong they committed cause harm to the client?

How This Applies to a Fall Down Case 

One of the cases that we handle and witness firsthand is slip and fall cases. Here are some of the basic themes that are used:

  • Safety first
  • Accountability
  • Prevention
  • People should be responsible for their actions

These same rules apply to automobile cases, which are growing in popularity in modern times. We are seeing more and more every year, which means that our modern juror is as well.

How This Applies to Product Liability Cases 

We also see many product liability cases. Here are some of the basic themes seen there:

  • Accepting responsibility for the product you sell
  • Accountability for the product you place in a workplace or home
  • Enforcing product safety
  • Consumer protection case
  • Safe design begins on the drawing board
  • Accident prevention – “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else!”

Overall, what appeals most to a juror set in the Generation X times is the fact that they want to see somebody fight for their rights. This means that the client should not be described as the “victim” in a case. This will always lead to unappealing results. If somebody is motivated to winning their case even when they are down on their luck, the juror will see this as a motivated effort and appreciate it even more.

A lot of extra turmoil will be avoided when deposition is videotaped and you can see the juror respond how it really is, with real emotions, in real time. Allowing these intelligent, truth-seeking Generation X’ers to give testimony in the most realistic way possible will always wield the best results for the victim and less for the defendant in a case. Hopefully you have learned a bit about why videotape deposition is of utmost importance in our modern times and what appeals to the jurors in today’s day and age.