long-lasting impacts of car accidents and how to recover

Long-Lasting Impacts of Car Accidents and How to Recover

Because so many people are injured in car accidents every year, personal injury attorneys are there to help pick up the pieces and gain you compensation you deserve in your accident. Every ten seconds, somebody is injured in a motor vehicle accident and everybody who drives a car is at risk for these sometimes-catastrophic accidents that change lives. Even if a car accident hasn’t caused you serious injury or death, even the most minor car accidents can cause long-term anxiety and phobias that will impact you for years to come.

Richard Mayou, whose studies appear in the American Journal of Psychiatry, has said, “In the past there has been an assumption that people who have more severe injuries are more likely to get psychiatric complications, but that is not so.” Many people who experienced a car accident will recover from psychological impacts within a year, while others will develop anxiety and other symptoms months after the accident took place. Because of this, you could experience long-term stress that gets in the way of work, relationships, and cause depression. This is why many people who experience these psychological problems should seek help as necessary.

Emotional Distress Damages and Your Case

If you have been emotionally harmed in a car accident, you may wonder if you can seek damages. Fortunately for you, in many cases you can recover as long as you have evidence of your psychological symptoms through proof of medical treatment, journals, and testimony from a professional. In many cases, you may even be able to show that your emotional stress is ongoing and affects the way you go about your life.

Emotional distress is a very real injury that can affect you in many ways. Because of this, you could become permanently distressed and possibly even stray away from driving because of the fear it causes you. Speak to a personal injury attorney who understands your case today. We will help you figure out if your emotional damages are compensable and what we can do for you at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi.