National Safety Month in 2017: Keeping You Safe at Work

The National Safety Council believes that every worker deserves to make it home safely from work every single day, which is why they have agreed to start a movement known as National Safety Month. National Safety Month 2017 takes place in June and helps raise awareness on what it takes to keep others safe, focusing on some of the main reasons injuries occur. For over 100 years, the National Safety Council has been a leader in safety in the workplace. When employers learn about safety and how to implement it in the workplace, there comes improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs, and so much more.

In 2014, a census of fatal occupational injuries was taken to find that an astounding 4,821 people died while doing their jobs. This comes out to over 13 people per day! The National Safety Council builds workplace skills that are needed to save lives such as workplace training, first aid training, and defensive driver training. The National Safety Council and OSHA have also teamed up to prevent injuries in the workplace to help promote safety in many ways.

Work Safety Pledge 

Because safety on the job is extremely important, a safety pledge is one of the steps that workers can take to be safe during National Safety Month 2017. U.S. workplace fatality rates have increased for the first time since 2010, which is why it is important for all employers and workers to find out how they can help promote safety in their line of work. By signing the pledge, workers agree to never compromise their own safety and that of others, actively look for hazards, and be a good safety role model for everyone around them.

Accidents in the workplace happen all the time, many of them due to lack of safety and precautions being avoided. This is why it is extremely important to remember safety all year around, and not just for National Safety Month this coming June. If you have been injured in an accident, call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi.