Questions You May Have Regarding Your Construction Accident

Every employee has the right to a safe workplace. This is why, if you are injured in a construction accident, you may have questions regarding your case and how you can move forward on your injury claim. You may wonder about workers’ compensation, how you can assert your safety rights, and all about OSHA’s involvement with your claim. Luckily, we can walk you through these questions and help you receive the best outcome in your case.


What can I do if I feel as if my workplace is unsafe? If you feel your workplace is unsafe, you should assert your rights as an employee. You should always make it known to your supervisor that there are dangers in the workplace, as well as following this up in writing. If your employer will not listen to the remarks, then it is time to speak to your local OSHA office.

Am I able to bring more than just a workers’ compensation claim? Your employer will typically pay workers’ comp to you. However, other parties may be responsible for your injuries as well, such as manufacturers or property owners – and this will be brought up in a lawsuit.

What happens if I was injured by walking alongside a construction zone? If you were injured by debris coming from a construction site, sometimes the construction company will be liable because they have a duty to keep the area as safe as possible. If a company does not warn the public through signs or barriers, then they must take responsibility for those injured. 

Am I ever in a place to bring a claim against the owner of the property? This depends on how much authority they have over the construction company and project at hand. They could fall liable for some of the injuries, if not all. 

What happens during an OSHA inspection? The inspector will meet with the employer and look through the workplace for any hazards. The inspector will also talk to employees and ask them questions, and tell the employer about any violations they found. 

How do I move forward with my injury claim? The best thing that you can do in these situations is speak to a knowledgeable attorney about your case. The process can sometimes be difficult. Call us today so we can handle your most complex cases and receive the compensation you deserve after your accident.