Recalls That May Affect Your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that is included in a recall, you should never ignore advice to get it fixed. There is a potential danger to you or your passengers when your vehicle is under recall and it is the job of the manufacturer to have it fixed for you. You will be made aware of this through e-mail and mail, as well as information on when your remedy will be available. The remedy will be performed at no charge to you. This week, there are many recalls being covered.

Current Recalls 

  • PRATT 2014: Wheel end may separate from axle
  • WALKER 2014-2017: Underride guard may detach from trailer
  • AUTOCAR 2016-2017: Interior lighting adjustment switch missing
  • AUTOCAR 2013-2016: S-cam may loosen and cause brake engagement
  • TOYOTA 2016-2017: Rear step bumper may break after damage to bracket
  • FORD 2016: Improper weld joints on floor pan
  • FORD 2017: Instrument cluster may fail to illuminate
  • PORSCHE 2017: Fuel leak due to sheared fastening screws
  • ADVANCE ENGINEERED: Improperly machined trailer spring brake valve
  • JAYCO 2017: Propane manifold may crack due to impact from axle
  • CHEVROLET 2016-2017: Incorrectly welded seat back frame
  • FOREST RIVER 2017-2018: Power steering hose arcing and steering fluid leak
  • FOREST RIVER 2017: Incorrect vehicle information on label
  • PONTIAC 2006-2010/SATURN 2007-2010: Front passenger air bag may not deploy
  • BMW 2016-2017: Passenger air bag may not deploy properly
  • HYUNDAI 2017: Loss of power brake assist
  • VAN HOOL 2010-2017: Steering wheel may be difficult to turn when cold
  • HIGHLAND RIDGE 2016-2017: Axle may shift and become misaligned
  • JAYCO 2017: Brakes may not apply if trailer disconnects
  • INFINITI 2002/NISSAN 2002: Passenger frontal air bag inflator may rupture
  • VOLKSWAGEN 2017: Engine may seize
  • MIDWEST 2017: Brake lights may not illuminate

If your vehicle has been determined to be part of a recall, you should receive a remedy as soon as you can. If you have been injured in an accident involving a vehicle with defective properties, call us today. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, we are here for you.