Seeking Damages After a Hit and Run

When you receive your license and agree to share the roadways with other drivers, you also agree to take proper steps when you have been involved in an accident. But what happens if you are involved in a unique case known as a hit and run? Drivers have special responsibilities, like stopping after an accident to exchange information and make sure that all drivers and passengers are uninjured. In a hit and run accident, the driver flees the scene. They do this sometimes because they are uninsured, or because they are afraid of the consequences when they are at fault. Now we can help you understand liability in these cases and how you can seek damages.

Important Steps to Take After Your Accident 

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, you may be feeling large amounts of stress wondering how you will be compensated for your injuries. However, you must remember in these incidents that the more information you have, the better your chances of catching the driver who hit you. This means that you should attempt to receive information on the model, make, and license plate number of the vehicle. One of the best courses of action that you can take is looking in your immediate area for any witnesses who may have seen the action. Receiving the names and contact information of those who watched the driver of the other vehicle pull away could help you in your claim.

You should also remember this important piece of information: Never take off after the driver once they drive away. You may be more inclined to drive recklessly and get into another accident or have the driver take dangerous action against you. This is why it is vital to call the police and file an accident report. This document can help you more than anything if you end up in court over the matter. It will also give you something to rely on for the claims process.

Coverage and Damages

In one of these accidents, motorist coverage is typically your best bet for obtaining damages. The primary source of protection in a hit and run accident is uninsured motorist coverage because it provides coverage in the event that you become injured or damaged by an uninsured vehicle. You must assume that the driver was uninsured in these cases because they fled the scene. You may also consider Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which pays for medical expenses and lost wages for you if you were injured in a hit and run.

If the defendant is caught, you may be able to bring up a lawsuit as a civil injury. In these cases, the plaintiff is able to take the defendant for punitive damages, or those that help a plaintiff recover after a reckless action has taken place against them. These damages are designed to punish and prevent bad conduct on the roadways, such as the actions that happen when a driver decides to drive away from the scene of an accident.

Having an attorney on your side through the claims process is vital because they will be able to do many things for you like proving liability, assembling supporting evidence, meeting filing deadlines, and seeking damages for you. Call us today to get started on your case!