Taking Incident Injury Notes

After you are injured in an accident, you should write down everything that is still fresh in your mind about what happened. This could include details of your injuries and their effect on your daily life and many other things. Taking notes is easier and more reliable than counting on your memory of what took place. Two questions you might ask yourself are: What happened during the incident that gave rise to your claim? And what kind of harm resulted from it?

Some Things to Take Note of

    • The Accident: When your head becomes clear after the accident, jot down everything that you can remember about what happened. You should begin with what you were doing and where you were going. It is also vital to remember and take note of the people you were with and the time and weather. Also include things that you remember anyone saying about the accident.
    • Your Injuries: In the days following your accident, it is important to take daily notes of pains and discomfort that your injuries may have caused. Maybe you suffer from pain, discomfort, or anxiety. If you don’t take specific notes of all injuries, you may not remember what you want to include in your demand for settlement in the weeks or months to come. Later, you will be able to describe to an insurance company how much and what kind of pain you were in.
    • Economic or Other Losses: You may be entitled to specific compensation when it comes to these types of losses, such as pain and suffering; however, you will need good documentation. It is important to take notes after the accident about anything that has been lost due to your injuries such as work hours, job opportunities, meetings, and more. This includes really anything that you may have benefited from and would have enjoyed, but couldn’t.
    • Conversations: You will want to take written notes of the date, time, people involved, and every conversation shared with them about your accident. In-person or over-the-telephone conversations worth noting may have taken place between you and any witness, adjuster, or medical personnel.

Why is it Important to Take Notes Throughout the Claim Process?

New adjustments in your claim can happen all the time. You should remember to continue keeping track of these developments by taking more note of important conversations that happen as they occur. These day-to-day notes of conversations and as much as you can remember about what was said will be extremely beneficial to your case later on.

Getting legal help will always help you when it comes to a claim. Taking notes about your injury is a vital step to preserve evidence; however, this is all just the start to a very long, complicated, and sometimes exhausting process. You will want to seek the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you with your case. Call MDL today to find out if you have a case.