The Seriousness and Effects of Overexertion in the Workplace

Businesses sometimes fail to understand that overexertion in the workplace can cause severe issues to the workers that sustain it. In January 2016 of last year, Amazon workplaces were cited in New Jersey for safety concerns, many of which related to overexertion. Amazon intentionally exposed their workers to stress from repeated bending at the waist and standing during 10 hour shifts, as well as making them take mandatory overtime shifts. Amazon has said that they take safety very seriously after the investigation. Unfortunately, many employees suffer the drastic effects from overexertion every year, putting a strain on their bodies and life.

Types of Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries occur when somebody uses too much force, such as lifting something that is too heavy for them. Many of the injuries that occur are back and shoulder injuries. In some of the most serious situations, the heart or respiratory systems can receive strains or workers can feel the effects from working in harsh conditions, such as ones that are in major heat. These injuries can be prevented by proper form in the workplace, using the right equipment, recognizing your own limits, and stopping when you realize that you are too fatigued or have the first signs of injury.

Receiving Compensation for Your Overexertion Claim 

Because these injuries tend to take place in the workplace, you will typically be able to recover for them through workers’ compensation or insurance claims. In many cases, medical bills and lost wages are too of the biggest damages that you will seek recovery for. If you do not receive enough in compensation, you may have to turn to a civil claim, where you could receive money for rehab and therapy, surgery, and other medical procedures. Especially in cases where an employer was acting negligently, you may have a case. Call a personal injury attorney who can help you receive the compensation you deserve in your time of need. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, we care about your claim and can help you when you need it the most.