Tips for Preteens & Teens: Prevent Bicycle Crashes

Bicycles are supposed to be fun any time of the year, right? However, bicycle accidents unfortunately can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In most cases, this was because somebody was being negligent. But how can these accidents be prevented? Keep some useful tips in mind as a teen or preteen so you can prevent bicycle crashes and keep yourself from becoming injured as a result.

Always Drive Your Bike Responsibly!
A bicycle being used on a road is seen as a type of vehicle – to go along with this, all states require bicyclists using their vehicles on the roadway to follow the same rules and responsibilities as other motorists. If you are in your pre-driving years, there are many things to keep in mind. Riding bicycle requires some intense motor skills such as balancing and pedaling, all while maintaining control of the bicycle. You can do the following things to prevent accidents:

  • Learn to ride your bike safely: Take care of your bicycle and practice riding it like you would practice driving your first car.
  • Prevent common crashes: There are two main types of crashes, including those in which involve falls and those in which involve cars. Prevention and reducing risks of crashing will be your best friend!
  • Be prepared: Ride a bicycle that fits you. If it is too large, it will only be harder to control. It is also wise to wear equipment that will protect you and make you most visible to others.
  • Improve your riding skills: This is where practice largely comes into play. Always start out riding bicycle in an area that is void of all traffic, such as a path or parking lot.
  • Ride with cars in mind: Learn and follow the rules of the road. This includes driving with the flow and obeying street signs and signals all the time!
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There are some types of bicycle crashes that are more common than others. 36 unique crash types have been identified and some are more likely to involve underage children than adults. Distraction is usually the main cause of these accidents, research has concluded. Here are some examples:

  • Wrong Way Riding: A rider is riding against the flow of traffic and the motorist does not expect them to be approaching from the wrong direction, so they crash into them head-on.
  • Bicyclist rides through stop sign or red light: The rider fails to follow the rules of the road. This can result in a crash between two vehicles.
  • Motorist passes a bicyclist: The motorist fails to see the bicyclist until it is too late, which results in a collision.

When it comes to accidents involving bicycles, drivers or riders could be seen as negligent. Negligence widely comes into play when one must find out who was liable for the accident and injuries sustained. In a lawsuit that alleges negligence by another person, plaintiffs must typically prove that the defendant acted in a way that violated a certain duty owed to them. This is why bicycle safety should always be taken into consideration and these crashes should be prevented by following rules of the road. Accidents involving automobiles and bicycles can involve very serious injuries and super large liabilities. Negligence determination can be a complex law and require very in-depth analysis. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, you may want to consult with an attorney to see where you stand. Contact an attorney at MDL today!