Types of Intentional Torts and Personal Injuries

Have you ever heard of a “tort” in a personal injury case? A tort is a wrongful act that causes harm to another person, and encompasses many different types of actions. A tort only applies when somebody intends to perform an action to another person, such as punching somebody in the face.

Common Types of Intentional Torts

There are many common types of intentional torts, which we will discuss today. Some of these torts can cause physical injury, while others cause injury on an emotional level.

Battery: Battery is most easily known as “hitting someone.” This includes anything from punching somebody to sending projectiles into another person’s body, as with a gun.

False Imprisonment: False imprisonment is when somebody is confined without legal authority. People’s movement cannot be restricted against their will. If you have been reasonably suspected of a crime, however, the police or a shopkeeper are able to detain you. 

Infliction of Emotional Distress: This is pretty difficult to prove in court. A plaintiff must prove that someone else engaged in extreme or outrageous conduct. If severe emotional distress or bodily harm results, you may have a case.

Fraud: This is when somebody lies to you and you have been harmed because of this misinformation.

Invasion of Privacy: There are many different types of invasions of privacy, many of which can ruin a person’s image.

If you have been caused injury by an intentional tort, you may have a case. Injury can either be on a physical or emotional level and affect you for time to come. Call us today for more information.