Was it a Bad Outcome or Medical Negligence?

Having a bad outcome with a medical provider does not always equate to a medical malpractice claim. When you become a patient, you must always stay aware of your rights so that you can understand when it is time to file a medical malpractice claim and when it is not appropriate to do so. Every once in awhile, a doctor will be entitled to a simple mistake, such as a small case of misdiagnosis. It happens to many doctors every year. However, continued negligence or fairly large mistakes are a different story.

If you believe that you have fallen victim to medical malpractice and wonder how you will recover, then you must talk to a legal professional as soon as possible. If a doctor apologizes to you for a large mistake and you will suffer its effects for a long time, accepting this apology may make it impossible to recover in the future. In litigation, the court may see an apology acceptance as a statement that you understand and that you will not be filing a lawsuit. This is why it is important that you never agree to anything unless you have had the opportunity to speak to your attorney.

How Do You Know if You Have a Case?

There are some things that you must ask yourself to understand whether or not you have a medical malpractice case. For instance, was there a violation of the standard of care? Was the injury caused by outright negligence? Did the injury result in significant damages? Some examples of malpractice include failure to diagnose, misreading results, unnecessary surgery, surgical errors, improper medication, poor follow-up, or premature discharge from a hospital. Call us today if you have information on your malpractice case. We will help you from start to finish.