Was it Employer Negligence? How Can I Show That it Was?

When you have been injured in the workplace, it is almost always a case of workers’ compensation. For construction workers who work in an environment that has many hazards and risks, the stakes are high. But what happens if you believe that your employer has been negligent? This could technically broaden your case and sometimes the way that you recover. Today we will help you understand what makes an employer “negligent” and how you can prove this.

What Makes an Employer Negligent? 

Most often, you see the premise of “employer negligence” in injury cases. Here are four ways that you can prove that your employer was being negligent in the workplace:

Hiring: What if an employee is proven to be unsafe in prior workplaces or is avoiding training altogether? If this has been proven but an employer hires them anyway, it could end up in a case of “negligent hiring.” Employees who pose a threat to other employees should not be in that line of work, especially when it involves injuries, crimes, and property loss to others. This is why employers must take special care to look into an employee’s background through a background check.

Retention: If an employee is found to be unfit and the employer does not take corrective action to ensure the overall safety of the workplace, they could be found participating in negligent retention. This happens when they have not retrained, reassigned, or discharged an employee after an incident has occurred. If an employer fails to see that another employee is unfit, this can lead to a claim. 

Training: In many cases involving negligent employers, it is due to negligent training of employees. What happens if an employer does not teach their employee new standards in construction and, as a result, they are injured themselves or by another employee? If this happens, it is due to negligence by the employer and failure to correctly train. 

Supervision: If an employee makes a negligent action because they were not being monitored by their employer, the employer is actually the one who could be held negligent by these actions. They are supposed to take charge over their employees no matter what and provide supervision as necessary.

You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries if you were injured in an accident in your workplace. We have experience in these cases and can help you receive the best results possible in your time of need. Call us today.