We Offer Contingency Fee – What is a Contingency Fee?

Let’s say that you were driving on the highway when, out of nowhere, a negligent driver glanced at their phone to send a text message and crashed into you. As a result, you suffered from some injuries and spent a few days in the hospital. Because of this reckless behavior on the driver’s part, you think that the other driver should be sued for compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, you don’t have the money to pay the lawyer up front. So how do you find a lawyer that will work with you if this is the case?

This is where something known as a contingency fee may come into play. This is a type of payment arrangement that allows a plaintiff who has been injured to seek legal remedy even if they do not have the money for a lawyer up front. You may wonder how this works. To put things simply, a client will not pay a contingency fee up front but will instead pay the attorney a decided percentage of the award they receive if the lawyer wins the case for them. An agreement will be made to show the circumstances as well as how much the lawyer is owed when everything is resolved. However, this will put pressure on the lawyer because, if they do not win the case, then they will not receive any legal fee.

Contingency fee agreements will usually stem from cases involving a personal injury. The thing to remember is that not all cases will end with high payouts. No, sometimes legal claims have limits on how much a plaintiff will be able to receive in damages. When this is the case, typically lawyers will be hesitant to work with a client. You can take a workers’ compensation claim for example, where state statutes limit damages on what a plaintiff can receive. Contingency fee agreements offer one thing, which is for sure – they give motivation to the lawyers taking on the legal claim.

What Happens When an Agreement is Reached?

When a fee agreement is reached, the attorney will often pay the expenses of the lawsuit. This can include things like filing fees, payment of depositions, and copies of medical records and reports. If a settlement is reached, then the agreement will control what is done with the funds involved. If a lawsuit must be filed and court is the only option, then a higher percentage may be required because the cost of litigation can be quite high.

One should keep in mind that cases will rarely require a trial in court when it comes to personal injury, as settlement is certainly a huge consideration. Negotiations will take place with insurance companies to reach the number you are looking for. If you are still looking for ways to reduce the cost of your fees, you should definitely come prepared. This is the most important way to save on lawyer’s bills and your overall case. This includes answering your lawyer’s questions fully and honestly at all times. Stay informed on your case and ask for copies of important documents related to your case.

If you have suffered a personal injury, you may need a lawyer to help you through negotiations or possible court. For this, you will need an attorney that you trust. Call Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi today for more information on where to get started. We offer contingency fee agreements to our clients to help them when upfront costs have become an issue. We assure you that, if we take your case, we will be able to get you the compensation you deserve! Call to find out more today.