When Your Slip and Fall Accident Results in a Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are typically very serious injuries that can take a long time to heal, or become a permanent staple in your life. The effects of a brain injury on your life can vary depending on the serious circumstances of your life – such as cognitive deficiencies that require cognitive therapy and keep you from holding the most demanding jobs. They can also cause emotional effects and cause negative psychological effects on families.

When Dangerous Conditions Caused Your Brain Injuries

Sometimes, when somebody sustains a brain injury that may have been caused by negligence, an investigation might take place. Figuring out what caused the slip and fall is actually one of the most important elements of your claim. This is because, to determine liability, you must find out who was responsible and how they were acting recklessly. You must be able to prove that the owner of the property should have known about a dangerous condition. Conditions that may have lead to your accident could include ice, water, oil, power cords, loose carpeting, inadequate lighting, and so much more.

Bringing a Legal Claim

Whether or not you can bring a legal claim depends on many circumstances – like who caused it, where it happened, and more. If you sustained your fall on a business property, then the owner of the property could be held liable for causing the dangerous condition or failing to stop it from happening. There are many benefits to filing a brain injury lawsuit, as victims find. If your injury has negatively affected your life and now you require long-term care, lost your means of income, and suffer from emotional stress, a lawsuit may be your best option. However, you should consider this before the statute of limitations runs out on your case. Speak to somebody as soon as you discover you have sustained a life-changing brain injury and receive the help you deserve.