When You’ve Sustained Burn Injuries in a Truck Accident

In the news, we hear about truck accidents all the time, and the severe injuries and fatalities that stem from them. Did you know that burn injuries in truck accidents are quite common, as they happen on various levels, affecting people in minor and devastating ways? If there are passengers inside a vehicle that has been hit by a truck, they could suffer burns from exposure to fires and explosions, toxic chemicals, and even electricity. The reasons? Large trucks have massive fuel tanks, as well as the fact that they haul toxic, flammable chemicals at times. When these chemicals come in contact with an accident, catastrophic consequences can result!

The reason why burn injuries are so serious and complicated is because of the extensive, ongoing medical treatments that stem from them every year. The burns usually cover a large area of the body, adding intense pain and risks of infection for years to come in those who suffer. On top of this, the court looks at the psychological impact of the burns, which could stem from scars that wreak havoc on a victim’s general life. On top of that, the severity of the burns depends on the accident, sometimes causing first, second, and third-degree burns that could be deadly or leave the victim disabled.

Valuing Your Claim 

The value of a burn injury claim is never really set in stone and varies from person to person. However, there are some aspects that the court will typically look at when they are handling your case. For instance, sometimes the ‘how’ and ‘where’ related to the accident are important, as they help determine liability of the defendant in question. On top of that, if the defendant was acting intentionally negligently, then this could be seen as gross negligence and the victim may also receive punitive damages. Usually, the damages that result from these accidents are especially lengthy because the victim sustains emotional pain as well as physical pain from burns.

No burn injury is set in stone in the eyes of the court, which means that it can vary from claim to claim. This is why it is important to understand the factors that the court looks at as well as the circumstances of your case. Call us today to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney who can handle your case from start to finish.