When you come in for your initial consultation, it’s important to bring your attorney as many relevant documents as possible. The sooner your attorney can review the documents and start piecing together the incident, the sooner you can get started filing your claim.

Make sure to bring the following items to your personal injury consultation:

  • Medical records: These are some of the most important documents to have in a personal injury case. The doctor, clinic, or emergency room you visited to treat your injuries should have provided you with detailed records of what procedures were performed, the cost, and the doctors and nurses who treated you. Bring any relevant medical records and bills to your initial consultation so your attorney can start to understand the extent and severity of your injuries. This will also help your lawyer determine whether or not you have a case and how much you could possibly expect to win.
  • Police report: If police came to the scene of your accident, there should be an official police report on file. This report will give the officer’s version of events, both leading up to and during the accident. This could include names and statements from witnesses, photos of the scene, and more.
  • Insurance information: Bringing your insurance information will help your attorney figure out what is covered by your insurance policy and what is not. This can help you determine the major players in your case and what you can expect from a personal injury case.
  • Receipts: If there are any expenses related to your injury (besides medical bills), you should bring the receipts to your initial consultation. This could include special equipment purchased to help you cope with your injuries.
  • Communications with the other party: Bring copies of any correspondence with the other party involved. This could include phone calls, emails, voicemails, letters, text messages, social media messages, or another type of communication.
  • Wage or salary information: If your ability to work at full capacity is compromised by the accident, it is important to bring your pay stubs or other wage records to your personal injury consultation. This will help your attorney calculate potential damages and decreased earning potential for the future.
  • Legal documents: If you were served with any legal documents by the other party, it is extremely important to bring these documents to your initial consultation. This could be a formal complaint or a cease-and-desist notice, among other things. This can help your attorney figure out the legal situation and why other parties are trying to sue you.
  • Photos/evidence from the incident: If you took any photos at the scene of the accident, bring them to your initial consultation. Also bring any evidence or information you collected at the scene, including the names of potential witnesses.