Building collapses happen every year in the New Jersey construction industry, for a variety of reasons. In one recent incident, a stairway collapsed, trapping two workers in the basement of the building. Everything looked structurally sound from the outside, to people passing by on the street. A local fire department was able to rescue one of the workers, who was rushed to the hospital – but another passed from their injuries. In another case happening in June of 2017 this year, a building under construction in New Jersey collapsed partially, possibly due to the bad wind in the area. Luckily, nobody was inside the building, as the Fire Department found when they did a sweep of the building.

Many of the buildings involved in these incidents will receive significant damage, which can be extremely life-threatening to workers. Today we will visit some of the reasons why buildings collapse in the construction industry and what to expect if you have been injured in your own personal case.

Why do Buildings Collapse? 

Weak Foundations: There are high costs with adequate foundations, but this doesn’t mean that construction employers should take the cheapest way around the issue. Solid soil and heaviness of the building needs to be viewed, so they can carry the load of the building.

Weak Building Materials: This is another way to cut costs that could lead to danger.

Worker Mistakes: Concrete could be mixed incorrectly, and workers could be untrained in the areas in which they work – which must be considered as a safety measure before a construction project takes hold.

Heavy Load: If the load is beyond the strength of the building, it could lead to disaster. 

Lack of Strength Testing: Maintenance and testing is imperative before a building is actually used. Because of wanting to cut corners or go around the law, sometimes these important measures are ignored.

Your Case 

If you are injured in a construction accident such as a catastrophic building collapse, you may find severe injuries that leave a lasting impact on your life. You may be able to qualify for certain benefits such as medical benefits, out-of-work benefits, disability awards, and death benefits in some of the most severe cases. Call us today to get started on your construction case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.