Be Cautious On The Icy Roads

Icy roads mean dangerous driving conditions. Drivers should watch the forecast and consider staying off the road if an ice storm hits. And, if they must go out, please use caution if freezing rain makes the roads slick.

Drivers throughout the East Coast are facing slippery and slushy roads, a day after heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain slammed the region, snarling travel and forcing airlines to cancel thousands of flights across the country.

A second snow storm in less than a week left the Northeast buried under a foot of snow – while contributing to hundreds of car accidents.

Parts of the East Coast were hit with wet, heavy snow, plus freezing rain and ice, creating a messy commute for millions of people. It was reported that New York City received 4 to 8 inches of snow, followed by rain, freezing rain and sleet, while areas north of the city experienced up to 10 inches. Parts of upstate New York received between 12 and 27 inches of snow.

The storm was so bad that government offices, courts and schools were closed in parts of New Jersey; scattered power outages were also reported throughout the region. Speed limits were reduced on many major highways.

Traffic accidents involving multiple tractor-trailers and automobiles completely blocked traffic along the highways in what appeared to be a series of accidents that had backed traffic up for miles.

The treacherous weather was blamed for approximately 21 deaths, many of them in motor vehicle accidents. A 73-year old New York City man was fatally struck by a backhoe that was moving snow.

A 36-year old New York woman died after she was struck by a utility vehicle with a snowplow attached to it as it backed up outside a shopping center. She was rushed by paramedics to a local hospital where her nearly full-term, 6-pound, 6-ounce baby was delivered via cesarean section- the baby was in critical condition in the neonatal intensive care unit.

With hazardous winter weather conditions upon us, it is important to use caution while driving. If possible, stay off the roads. These conditions can lead to traffic problems, delays, and accidents.

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