Some parents spend more time choosing a car than selecting a day care center for their child. However, making sure that children are safe and protected from outside intrusion should be the number one priority for both parents and child care providers.

When there is no other choice and you have to leave your child at a day care center, you want it to be a safe haven for him or her – a place where they can play, learn, and feel safe. Many parents assume that, because the state licensed the day care center, that the facility is safe and doesn’t need parental scrutiny. Wrong!

Licensing rules do not require that centers have a security system. Because each center is different and faces different challenges to keeping children safe, the center has the flexibility to choose the security measure that makes the most sense for its program.

Also, licensing rules require that centers have a plan for making sure that a staff member always knows the name and whereabouts of each child and that they only release a child to a person authorized by the parent to receive the child.

There are numerous ways a center can keep unauthorized people from entering, including:

  • Electronic restricted access systems – All doors leading into the center are locked from the inside – requiring a code or password onto a key pad before the door is opened.
  • Main entrance unlocked; all other doors locked – Everyone is required to enter the building through the same entrance.
  • Bell attached to unlocked door – The main entrance is unlocked, but equipped with a bell or buzzer, which goes off every time the door is opened.

If your child has been injured while at his or her day care center, you can hold the day care center liable and seek compensation based on negligence. You would have to show that the center owed a duty of care in caring for your child and that duty was breached.

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