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Christopher DiGirolamo, Esq.

Chris IMG_2433 (865x1024)CHRISTOPHER DIGIROLAMO is Managing Partner at Maggiano, DiGirolamo, Lizzi P.C. and is admitted to practice law in the State and Federal Courts of the State New Jersey, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. DiGirolamo has protected the rights of victims of car accidents, fall downs, construction accidents, on the job injuries, represented the men, women and families that make up the labor force in New Jersey and has helped union workers for over twenty-two years in various types of litigation including construction accidents, product defects, dangerous workplaces, employment disputes and most notably in workers compensation claims. He has achieved a number of multi-million dollar verdicts and recoveries for workplace accident victims and their families, including serving as co-counsel in the largest personal injury recovery ($101 million) in a construction accident in United States history.

Latest Case Results

  • $1,300,000 for a 76-year-old man who was struck by a vehicle that was traveling in reverse, running over his leg and leading to multiple surgeries and an above-knee amputation
  • $900,000 to the estate of a 26-year-old Chinese exchange student who was struck crossing the street on a crosswalk and suffered pre-impact terror when she realized she was about to be struck and killed
  • $250,000 to an 84-year-old man who was sideswiped by a moving car when he went to open his car door, and received a vertebral fracture leading to emergency surgery 2 weeks after the accident
  • $245,000 permanent total disability to a 64-year-old truck driver who slipped getting out a truck and twisted his knee and lower back, who already had a 20-year-old history of leg and back injuries
  • $187,500 for a 22-year-old who was struck in the vehicle and suffered a lower back injury with minimally invasive surgery, leading to an argument that resulted in a $87,500 payment from client’s own insurance company

He has dedicated his practice to the protection of the rights and benefits that every worker is entitled to and has built a strong reputation based on success in the courtroom and achieving the results that his clients deserve. There is no case or claim too large or small. He handles every case with the same tenacity and determination with one goal: protecting the rights of the injured worker. DiGirolamo is the grandson of a coal miner and steel mill immigrant who died of lung disease in the late 1960’s, before the industry and those running the mills were forced to be accountable for the dangerous conditions they created and exposed workers to for a generation.

The strength and drive that continues to motivate me 20 years after beginning my practice, comes from the responsibility bestowed upon me by my clients. The effort to build a bond of unconditional trust with each new client focuses my determination to most effectively represent each injured individual without ever tiring of the challenge.

His aggressive style has earned him numerous awards and recognition from his peers both in New Jersey and nationally, and he considers this his greatest professional compliment. He has been chosen year after year by his peers and colleagues as one of the best litigators in New Jersey as well as in the United States.

Awards and Recognitions

Announcing the Lifetime Achievement selection of Elite Lawyers of AmericaChristopher DiGirolamo among America’s Top 100 Attorneys®.  Lifetime Achievement selection to America’s Top 100 Attorneys® is by invitation only and is reserved to identify the nation’s most exceptional attorneys whose accomplishments and impact on the legal profession merit a Lifetime Achievement award. 

He has been recognized as one of the best trial lawyers and litigators by his peers and members of the judiciary and received numerous annual accolades by U.S. News and World reports, recently recognized by The Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group as Top Injured Workers’ Attorney

Mr. DiGirolamo uses a simple approach, to always be prepared and always be available for his clients. There are numerous complex issues facing an injured worker and he hasChristopher DiGirolamo Football Champion learned that having the right answers for a client in need is the best way to safeguard the client’s rights. He prides himself in taking cases that are a challenge and gets referred matters by other lawyers that can’t see the way to win. His greatest reward is securing compensation for those that are the most desperate and for whom the compensation will provide a second chance.

He has been asked to present lectures to Union groups, attorneys and the general public in New Jersey and throughout the United States on workplace injury claims, settlement negotiation strategy, impeaching expert witnesses and damages. He presents educational lectures to groups on understanding auto insurance benefits and the workers compensation claim process.

DiGirolamo lives in Saddle River NJ with his wife and two children, where he coaches youth soccer, baseball and football teams. “This year’s Super Bowl and undefeated season are at the top of my coaching accomplishments and my greatest satisfaction in my 8 years of youth coaching”

“Unlike many attorneys we make ourselves accessible and available. That’s the secret to our success: We’re committed, compassionate and responsive.”

Christopher DiGirolamo Working“One of the great things about our firm is that each attorney has their own unique approach, but we all complement each other very well. One of the biggest benefits for the lawyers at MDL is that we are constantly bouncing ideas and theories off each other and utilizing our different perspectives as we prepare each case. This ensures that we provide the most well-balanced approach to each case and our clients get the benefit of the experience and knowledge of not just one attorney, but all of the attorneys at MDL. There’s a closeness and caring among our staff and attorneys you won’t find at most law firms. Michael set the tone for that from the first day I arrived 20 years ago, and all of us have benefited. And, most importantly, our clients benefit from that as well.

Most of the telephone calls I get aren’t the friendly-chat kind. Most people call me when they are frustrated, or their situation needs immediate action. I don’t take the frustration personally; it’s taught me to stay focused on every process leading to a result – a positive conclusion. That’s part of being completely committed to a case, while not being too emotionally involved at the same time. That’s a balance only the best lawyers achieve.

The bulk of my practice focuses on auto accidents, construction accidents, and premises liability. These are the classic personal-injury cases. I also represent the injured worker who needs medical and disability benefits from his employer. These cases require immediate attention as injured workers are without any income while they recover from their work-related disability. But even in cases in which injuries are significant, the process is taking longer and calling for more resources than even five years ago. My caseload has certainly grown over the years, but we are still very selective.

CD with Paralegal IMG_3672People will come in and ask, “What is my case worth?” We won’t engage in that kind of speculation. The constructive time we give people is really central to our work. In our first meeting, we will spend two or three hours explaining the law, and explain how the law relates to their potential case.

Ours is high-pressure work, in a high-pressure profession. Each of us has earned our own identity at MDL, and our success comes from a shared personal commitment to what we do. We are here on weekends when people have the time to meet with us. Unlike many attorneys, we make ourselves accessible and available. That’s the secret to our success: We’re committed, compassionate and responsive.


Professional Practice

  • Licensed to practice law in the State and Federal Courts of the State of New Jersey
  • Licensed to practice law in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • Licensed to practice law in the United States Supreme Court
  • New Jersey State Accredited Mediator

Memberships & Associations

Speaking Engagements

Mr. DiGirolamo has lectured and held seminars at numerous legal conferences including for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and at the Absolute Litigator’s Conference.

He has also spoken on legal topics at a variety of institutions of higher learning, including the New Jersey State Judicial College (where he lectured with a distinguished panel of Superior Court Judges), Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University, and has taught course at Bergen Community College and Fort Lee High School on the topics of General Tort Law, landlord tenant, understanding the automobile insurance policy, Real Estate management and Municipal Traffic Law.

He created and was lead instructor of an 11-week course at Bergen Community College for the Division of Continuing Education, entitled “The People’s Law School”, an interactive seminar-style program where each week a different topic was discussed by specialized attorneys in different fields of law. The students left the course with a great working knowledge of varied fields of law ranging from municipal court/traffic offense, to Bankruptcy, to Personal Injury.

Mr. DiGirolamo has lectured and moderated seminars at numerous legal conferences including for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, New Jersey Association for Justice, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the Absolute Litigator’s Conference.

DiGirolamo Attorney-Badges

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