A civil lawsuit can be filed by any party against any other party as long as there is a valid legal dispute with an available legal remedy.

Civil settlements and negotiations often result directly from the claim. To avoid going to court, both parties can reach a resolution and agree to settle the legal problem without a judge and/or jury. However, once the settlement agreement is signed, they must present it to the court before the court makes a final order. The court can retain jurisdiction over the settlement or dismiss the case.

Even though the number of civil cases involving large monetary verdicts and settlements has decreased somewhat in New Jersey over the past year, experts say it’s too soon to spot a trend.

Between August 2012 and the end of July 2013, 113 cases yielded settlements of at least one million dollars. The highest settlement cases included:

  • 22 medical malpractice cases
  • 44 motor vehicle accidents
  • 20 workplace accidents
  • 12 personal injury claims
  • 6 discrimination cases

The following are a few of the top cases that settled this year:

  1. A workplace incident where an employee became a quadriplegic after being crushed by a forklift he was operating – resulted in a $33.9 million settlement
  2. A high school student was paralyzed after being beaten at school – resulted in a $16.3 million settlement
  3. A boy was disabled after being struck by a baseball that had been hit with a metal bat –resulted in a $14.5 million settlement
  4. A woman claimed injuries after using Johnson & Johnson pelvic mesh products – resulted in a $11 million settlement, including $7.75 million in punitive damages
  5. A 7-year old girl was caught in a motorized parking-lot gate at an apartment complex and suffered permanent cognitive impairment – resulted in a $10.5 million settlement.

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When you face a civil law matter, the importance of the quality and legal acumen of your attorney cannot be underestimated with regard to the final outcome of your case.

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