Drunk Driving Deaths Under Reported

Drunk driving is a very dangerous behavior and can endanger not only your own life, but those around you, including your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

Alcohol affects the actions and cognitive ability of the drinker and driver – his or her vision and reflexes may be impaired. Some of the signs of drunk driving include:

  • Weaving in and out of lanes
  • Excessive speeding or driving extremely slow
  • Failure to stop at intersections or traffic signals
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way

Any of the above actions can cause an accident; they all can affect the driver’s ability to safely judge distances between cars, determine correct speeds and clearly see other vehicles. An individual doesn’t need to have several drinks to cause an accident – in some cases only one drink can inhibit a driver and affect his or her ability to drive safely.

Consequences of driving and drinking include:

  • Minor to severe injuries
  • Emotional pain and trauma
  • Expensive car repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Death

According to a new study conducted by the U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol’s role in United States traffic deaths is significantly under-reported. The Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System compares the blood-alcohol levels of people killed in traffic accidents with the data on death certificates throughout the country.

According to the report, between 1999 and 2009, “slightly more than 3 percent of death certificates listed alcohol as a contributing cause in fatal traffic crashes.” However, “highway data showed that 21 percent of the people killed in those crashes were legally drunk.”

It has been suggested that the reason alcohol is often not included on death certificates is because a death certificate is usually filed within three to five tests and test results take a much longer time to get.

Currently only about 50 percent of states require that drivers killed in traffic accidents be tested for blood-alcohol levels and nationwide, about 70 percent of those drivers are tested.

Drunk driving is an expensive problem present on our roads. These accidents are overwhelming and you may find yourself with financial issues, physical problems and emotional trauma.

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