What else does an employer need to know?

Discrimination Complaints

It is unlawful for any employer to discharge or otherwise discriminate against an employee because the employee claimed or attempted to claim workers’ compensation benefits or because the employee testified or is about to testify in a workers’ compensation matter. The Division of Workers’ Compensation is responsible for investigating such claims.

Second Injury Fund

The Second Injury Fund (SIF), which is administered by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, makes benefit payments to injured workers who are totally and permanently disabled as a result of work-related injuries combined with pre-existing disabilities.

The Second Injury Fund was established to encourage employers to hire disabled workers. The employer only pays for the work-related aspect of the total disability award.

Division of Workers’ Compensation Website

The Division of Workers’ Compensation maintains an Internet Web site that contains the latest information on New Jersey workers’ compensation, including legal and administrative procedures, forms and brochures, statistical data, and program details.