There’s not a day that goes by when you can’t find a really good show on television that features a fictional lawyer.

In addition, Hollywood has always loved lawyers and for decades they have been shown on the silver screen and in your own living room on CD.

The legal profession is a favorite entertainment topic in our country. We may tell jokes about sleazy lawyers, but the truth is we are fascinated by the inner workings of our American legal system, which is why so many of us are glued to the screen when a courtroom drama comes on the air.

From Atticus Finch in the classic film To Kill a Mockingbird to Elle Woods in the movie hit Legally Blonde, plus long-running television series such as Perry Mason and Ben Matlock.

Do you remember Perry Mason? He was the perfect defense attorney; his clients were always innocent. How about the fact that he could always get the actual perpetrator to make a confession?

Can you just imagine being defended by Andy Griffith or as he is known in the courtroom, Ben Matlock? Matlock followed the already-proven record of Perry Mason. His clients were also always innocent and Matlock proved that with his Southern charm and folksy demeanor.

Other than doctors, few professions are quite as attractive to scriptwriters as lawyers. Lawsuits provide ready-made drama – some keeping you on the edge of your seat. Watching courtroom drama on television or the big screen makes for great entertainment. Sometimes incompetent lawyers make for the best characters.

In legal drama, movie or television producers generally create opportunities to depict lawyers engaged in dramatic interactions that are reflective of the real world drama of the profession.

The portrayal of law firms varies by the media in which they are presented. Law firms in novels and in films; however, are often presented in a negative light, while law firms in television series tend to be presented more positively.

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