As consumers, we all come into contact with numerous products each day that are there to feed, entertain us or help us in one way or another. When we purchase them, we assume they are safe, yet all too often they can injure us and lead to serious long-term problems.

Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries and damages those products cause.

Courts have held that there are three separate types of defects:

  1. Design defects
  2. Manufacturing defects
  3. Defects in warnings or instructions

In order to recover for an injury caused by a defective product the victim must have been using the product for its intended use. For example, if the product is being used in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s warnings when the injury occurs, then the manufacturer will have a defense to a strict product liability claim.

However, if the injured victim can establish such a defect was a proximate cause of the injury suffered, then the manufacturer will be held liable to compensate the victim for his or her injuries or damages.

The most common type of product liability claim is when the injury-causing product was defectively manufactured – some type of error was made at the factor. Almost every day we read about an automobile being recalled for one reason or another – defective airbags, for example. Other types of defective products include:

  • Drugs like Risperdal
  • Breast implants
  • Metal-on-metal hip implants
  • Defibrillators
  • Etc.

When a consumer is injured by an unreasonably dangerous or defective product, the injured person is entitled to make a defective product liability claim against the manufacturer of the product.

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