Firefighters are essential to public safety, putting out fires and pulling people from burning cars, buildings, and other dangerous situations.

Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to ensure the safety of others; they have one of the most dangerous jobs. From smoke inhalation to serious burns, inevitable on-the-job injuries can negatively impact their careers.

Firefighting jobs are not only difficult and dangerous, but they can cost you your life. Anytime a firefighter goes out on a call, there is always a chance that he or she won’t come back. This happened to a firefighter in the Jersey City Fire Department.

The life of a 57-year old veteran firefighter came to a tragic end recently when he reported to, what seemed like, an uncomplicated fire. When the team arrived at a restaurant in the early morning hours, smoke was already pouring out of the windows.

The firefighter, who had been volunteering with the department since he was a young man, climbed onto the pitched roof with other firefighters in order to cut a hole to vent the heat and smoke out of the ground floor.

In a flash, he tumbled off the roof. Investigators are checking to determine if there was an underlying health reason to explain his fall. Also on the roof were his two sons, who were also fighting the fire.

Reports indicated that “it was a routine call” – if you can call a fire routine. The fire was extinguished quickly and there was no sign of major damage.

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