Harrah’s Casino & Resort Security Guard Assault Videos

ABC’s 20/20 Coverage on Harrah’s Casino Security Guard Assaults on Patrons

A number of Harrah’s Casino and Resort patrons recounted their nightmarish encounters with security personnel. ABC’s 20/20 Brian Ross covers that Atlantic City Casino’s abuse on patrons.

Chasing New Jersey: Surveillance Video Shows Security Using Excessive Force At Harrah’s Casino

Rob Coney of Pennsylvania has brought the latest in a string of lawsuits involving violent and traumatic encounters with security at Harrah’s Atlantic City Resort and Casino.

NBC 10 Philadelphia Covers Harrah’s Casino Lawsuits featuring Rob Coney & Sean Oaks

Sean Oaks, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and Rob Coney, an accountant from Philadelphia, were assaulted on two separate occasions at the Pool After Dark nightclub at Harrah’s.

Good Morning America | Harrah’s Casino Security Guard Violence | Casino Attack

In recent lawsuits, the Binns family and two young men alledge that Harrah’s security guards used excessive physical force to subdue them in separate incidents. All three altercations were captured on hotel surveillance cameras.

News 4 New York at 5pm – Frank Farrell

Harrah’s Casino security guard victims, are independently coming forward to share their personal horror stories.

News 4 New York at 5pm – Anthony Flora

Proper response or excessive force? Guests claim casino security guards went too far.