High Chair Injuries

Did you know that every hour a child is treated in an emergency room for injuries related to a high chair? The majority of them are hurt in falls and many suffer such head injuries as concussions, followed by bumps, bruises and cuts.

Because the majority of high chairs are in kitchens or dining rooms, the children often fall onto hard tile or wood floors. Every year close to 10,000 young children in the United States are injured by falling off high chairs. If a high chair is not properly used, a child can be harmed. A recent study showed that the rate of such injuries has increased by 22 percent over the last several years. If high chair safety is not high on your list of concerns, it should be.

In order to prevent injury, it is important to use the restraint system in the chair. Don’t let your child stand up in it. You, as a parent, must get into the habit of buckling your child into his or her seat. Don’t think that the tray table is a restraint system because it is not.

Using the safety restraint system is the best way to keep your child safe; however, there are other tips as well:

  • Make harness use a habit – look for chairs with a 3-point or 5-point harness and a crotch post
  • Use the chair only at mealtime – the chair is for sitting and eating, not climbing
  • Keep the area round the chair clear – this way your child will have nothing to reach for
  • Never leave your child unsupervised
  • Check for high chair recalls
  • Look for a chair that’s stable

High chairs are supposed to be safe products that help to keep your child from getting hurt when they are eating. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Injuries caused by defective high chairs make it easy for kids to fall when chair restraint systems do not work.

You, as a parent, need to be aware of the risk of high chair injuries and should supervise your child at all times when in his or her chair. However, if your child has been injured due to a product defect, talk to the top ranked legal team, contact the personal injury law offices of Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi to discuss your rights and learn your legal options.