When You Are In Need Of A Personal Injury & Accident Attorney, How Do you Find The Right One?

When you are dealing with the aftermath of being involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries, finding the right attorney to represent you makes all the difference. You want to make sure you get a clear understanding of the rules and regulations that determine the rights a victim has when suing the individual who injured them.  These include the following:

  • work injury claims
  • defective product injury

In the U.S. the odds of getting into an accident are pretty good. In 2012 alone The National Center for Health Statistics reported that construction accidents caused an astounding 300,000 injuries.  Thankfully, the Department of Justice found that car accident lawsuits hold the highest plaintiff success rate, approximately 60& of all car injury lawsuit end in their favor. In 2003 there was the highest number of medical malpractice payouts, with a grand total of $4,882,485,800! Finding the right attorney, whether its a car injury attorney, or a medical malpractice attorney, will end in  a favorable way.

You are not going to find the right attorney looking through the phone book or just calling the first attorney you see on a TV commercial, the best way to ensure you find the right attorney for you is by talking to other people who have gone through similar situations as you and came out on top, looking at client reviews, testimonials, make a list of 3 potential firms you may hire, then schedule a consultation. Face to face interaction discussing your case gives you an idea of the attorneys style and personality. Are they the right fit? Do you feel comfortable and can trust them to represent your case, and fight aggressively to ensure a favorable settlement.

You may not think that taking the time to talk to more than one law firm is necessary, but finding the right attorney for you case could make all the difference. Start your search here with the law offices of Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi PC, focused exclusively in personal injury and accident litigation, we know how to find all the options, and avenues available to you, and will be there aggressively representing you to ensure you are compensated for medical bills, and any other financial losses you suffered after the accident.

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