NJ Railroad Crossing & Train Accidents

Thousands of instances of collisions involving trains and vehicles occur every year.

Due to the massive size discrepancy between train cars and automobiles, accidents of this kind often end catastrophically. Instances of conductor negligence or derailment can lead to accidents involving other vehicles on the road, and when they do the result often includes serious injury or wrongful death.

As everyone who has lived near a railroad knows, trains can be very dangerous to the people living around them, especially children. Train companies owe it to communities to maintain tracks, keep their equipment safe, and hire the most capable employees.

In addition, while it is true that train-related injuries can be caused by people who recklessly ignore proper railroad safety, this is not always the case. It is the train company or government’s duty to clearly label all railroad crossings, allowing drivers to exercise proper caution, such as slowing down and looking for a train before continuing across the tracks. It alerts pedestrians to a potential danger.

However, in too many cases there are improperly marked railroad crossings, lack of appropriate signage or vegetation blocking the signage, incorrect or misleading signage and insufficient lighting to safely cross the tracks.

Railroad crossing and train accidents are among the most serious kinds of vehicle accidents. If the train company is found to be liable for your injuries, they can be held responsible for your medical expenses, property repair bills, physical pain and emotional suffering. Ensure your rights are protected by hiring a personal injury & accident attorney, with the knowledge and experience in railroad crossing and train accidents to best represent your case.

The results of a train accident can be devastating for victims and their families. Trains are large, powerful machines that can inflict serious harm on anyone involved in a collision with them, not to mention death.

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