Kearny Personal Injury Attorneys

Kearny Personal Injury Attorneys

Kearny Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents can be as psychologically overwhelming as they may physically injurious and deadly. In the aftermath, a little of the right guidance can go a long way towards protecting yourself, as well as your potential personal injury case and your rights to compensation and justice.

At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, P.C., our experienced Kearny attorneys have more than 90 years of combined experience advocating injured people’s rights and helping them successfully navigate the recovery process.

While compensation can never erase the devastating impacts of serious accidents and injuries, we know these awards can be pivotal to helping victims put their lives back together. We are ready to help you fight for the compensation and justice you may deserve.

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Whenever you need answers and support for a potential personal injury claim, simply contact us. Until then, here is an essential checklist for anyone who is getting ready to meet with an attorney and start a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Case Checklist: What to Gather

As you prepare to get a personal injury case started, here are some important things to gather and save as you proceed. 


  • Accident-related information, including the date, time and location of the accident; the names of the involved parties; and details about what occurred before, during and after the accident.
  • Witness information, including the name(s) and contact information for any witnesses to the incident
  • Medical information, such as the name(s) and contact information of the ambulance, emergency room (ER) and/or hospital that provided you with treatment; the dates when you were admitted to and/or released from the hospital; and the name(s) of any doctor(s) you have seen in the days or weeks following the incident.
  • Work and income information, including the dates on which you have missed work due to the incident and injuries and the amount of income you earn and have lost as a result of missing work.
  • Insurance information, including provider name(s) and contact information for your insurer and the insurers of other parties involved in the accident; the dates on which you reported the accident to the insurer; and the dates on which you had interactions with any insurer associated with the accident.


  • Accident report, which may include a police report (if police were called) or an incident report written by an on-site authority
  • Insurance policy and/or correspondence, including copies of your insurance policy and any letters, emails or other correspondence you have been sent from any involved insurer 
  • Medical bills and/or documents, including ambulance, ER, pharmacy, doctors’ and hospital bills; diagnostic test results; and copies of any treatment recommendations or prescriptions 
  • Receipts, such as those for repairing or replacing damaged property.

Other Evidence 

  • Accident photos, such as any pictures you or another party (like a witness) took of the injuries, damaged property and/or accident scene
  • Damaged items, which could be any item involved in the incident (the nature of these items can depend on specifics of an accident).

We understand that, in some cases, injured people may not have the time or ability to gather some or any of this evidence, especially if they have been severely injured. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, P.C., we can gather all necessary evidence for your case – and take care of everything else required to build you the strongest possible case and bring it to the best possible outcome. 

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Skilled, courageous and resourceful, our attorneys are relentlessly devoted to providing the injured with aggressive advocacy and successful resolutions. We are ready to help you level the playing field and seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

About Kearny

The Town of Kearny, New Jersey is a diverse, affordable and growing community that is home to more than 40,000. A suburb of Newark and a former mill town, Kearny is located about 10 miles west of New York City.

Kearny is named for Civil War General Philip Kearny, and it known for its vibrancy, diversity and working-class identity. Sometimes referred to as “Soccer Town USA,” Kearny has been the birth place of various professional soccer players, some of whom have been inducted in the Soccer Hall of Fame and/or have played in the World Cup.