wanted to make sure you have heard the heart-breaking news that 2010 has been the worst year ever for children dying in hot vehicles. We still have three months remaining in the year and there have already been forty-eight (48) deaths. has led this issue from the very start. We have produced excellent education materials to raise awareness that children should not be left in vehicles and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that air on TV at least 50 times per day. We have worked closely with the media who have produced excellent TV segments, written superb magazine articles and informative news articles have been published with prevention tips. We have worked in states to get laws passed that make it illegal to leave children alone in vehicles. But all of that simply does not appear to be enough. Why has 2010 been the worst year in recorded history for vehicular heat stroke deaths? Is it because we are fatally distracted? Is it the widespread mindset that “I would never forget my child in my vehicle?” It’s very difficult to pinpoint just one reason. But, “something” is happening when otherwise wonderful parent’s memory fail them at the worse possible time. The vast majority of these tragedies do NOT occur as a result of bad parenting, but instead as a result of a brain malfunction. We are moving as quickly as possible toward requiring an engineering/re-design solution, AND calling upon all of you to get involved and help us to raise additional awareness about these dangers. As we work to eliminate these unthinkable deaths, we continue to subscribe 100% to the Injury Prevention model.*’s now has new parent cards that are appropriate for hospitals to go home with parents in their new baby packets and should be used by anyone involved with children from the very beginning. (OBGYN’s, “Mommy and Me classes,” etc.) Parents aren’t being educated about the effects fatigue, lack of sleep, and stress can have on them as new parents. The “Look Before You Lock” campaign helps parents to understand these dangers and provides safety tips to employ as soon as their baby is born. Visit, and go to the ‘education’ tab to find what you need. It appears Hollywood has also recently gotten involved. Private Practice began their new season with a story that included a plot line about a baby who died after the father forgot to drop her at daycare. Listen closely to the words he uses to describe what happened. The episode is available online at: On Friday, October 1st (10/9c) a new program called “Outlaws” airs on NBC. I’m not quite sure how they are handling the topic; but the main character defends a grieving mother charged with manslaughter for forgetting her baby in the back seat of her car. Watch a Preview » Between Hollywood taking on this issue and with the abilities and passion of all you, we hope to put an end to these tragedies. Kindest Regards, Janette E. Fennell Founder & President Office: 913 327-0013 Fax: 913 327-0014 Check us out on Facebook at!/pages/KidsAndCarsorg/128148590541866?ref=ts