MDL Educational Scholarship Essay 2014

by Claudia Fendian 

Until the start of high school, I was convinced I would be a Hollywood movie star when I grow up. That would be my career; that would be my life.

When reality checked in that I need to begin seriously considering the type of career I wish to pursue, law did not fist make itself apparent. Several experiences throughout my high school career influenced my decision to pursue law.

The summer between my freshmen and sophomore years I spent several days helping my aunt, a lawyer file, file some of her cases. While the work I did was largely secretarial, and of course my aunt could not discuss specific details pertaining to her cases, I was intrigued all the same. I found the complexity of the matter very interesting; I was drawn by the idea of how many possible interpretations there are to a seemingly one-sided story. I did not particularly act upon this interest because it was subtle, and it was still early in my high school career; however, the interest remained embedded in my mind.

I intend to make it my personal goal to defend the righteous and seek justice for all

My junior year of high school I studied U.S. History in school. While I was not particularly amused by the battles and wars we discussed, I was repeatedly drawn to the milestone court cases we discussed. While we only briefly touched upon cases like Marbury v Madison, Dred Scott v Sandford, and Plessy v Ferguson, I found myself excited to earn more about the cases on my own time. I felt that my enthusiasm for the material was a sure sign I was very interested in handling similar information in the future.

The summer before my senior year I attended a People to People leadership summit at the University of Chicago. We learned about creating and running business, and the infrastructure of business. While the prospect of being a business executive did not particularly appeal to me, I was interested by the legal aspect of businesses. It was during my time in Chicago that I realized I would be very interested in doing business and corporate law.

I am excited to make my contribution to my community and to the world. Countless individuals are wrongfully accused or unjustly pardoned in trials every year; as a lawyer, I intend to make it my personal goal to defend the righteous and seek justice for all. I am exhilarated by the idea of winning a case. I am determined to work hard during my undergraduate years to earn a degree in Communications, and establish a starting point for myself to pursue a law degree and career.