Chris DiGirolamo Obtains $2 Million Dollars for Clients Serious Motorcycle Injuries

Forty five year old motorcycle operator was struck by a moving truck that had been rented by Defendant to move from Upstate NY to Jersey City. Accident took place Sunday morning at 6 am. Client was traveling south on Rt. 1&9 in Jersey City when rented truck attempted to make left turn directly into his right of way. The force of impact knocked motorcyclist 25 feet and dragged the motorcycle over 70 ft. Driver of rented truck indicated he was lost and was distracted because he was attempting to use a handheld navigation device and did not realize he was crossing directly into the right of way of oncoming traffic. The defense was also arguing the motorcycle was traveling at an excess rate of speed and did not attempt to slow down or brake prior to impact. Video of incident was documented by an outdoor security camera on a Dunkin Donuts located at the intersection

Client sustained multiple fractures in his left leg and foot as well as ruptured Aorta and head wound. He was placed in a medically induced coma for over 30 days in order to medical staff to perform leg saving surgeries.

He is employed by the Railroad as a conductor/engineer and will likely never be able to return to his pre-accident occupation.

The truck was rented from a large national rental chain and individual had purchased maximum liability insurance limits of $2 million dollars and I secured the entire policy limits for client.

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